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Train Your Body and Mind With Our Unique 15 Lesson Introductory Program

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We can:

  • Help you to get fit and increase your muscle tone
  • Reduce your stress levels and improve your confidence
  • Teach you effective new martial art skills that can help you feel safer

15 Lesson Introductory Program $150 includes:

  • 1 Free Trial Class To Confirm This Is For You
  • Uniform and Belt
  • Structured Lessons From Beginner to Yellow Belt
  • Self Defense Workshop

Designed for all abilities and ages, Pacific International Taekwondo is for everyone.

No matter your fitness level you’ll enjoy the exciting mix of traditional Art and practical defense techniques in this unique 15 lesson program.

This is a complete stand-alone unit. Use it to improve your fitness as you experience a traditional martial art and learn basic defense skills. Or see it as the first step on your path to Black Belt. It’s your choice.

You’ll learn in a small group with other beginners like yourself and with personalised instruction.

Our skilled instructors make the classes fun and enjoyable. Each one is a qualified black belt and shows helpful support as they provide expert tuition.

Not only this, but our flexible program allows you to choose when and how often you train, as well as where you do it.

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