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Trevor Dicks and Margaret Dicks - Brisbane TaekwondoPacific International Taekwondo co-founders, Trevor and Margaret Dicks know a thing or two about martial arts.

Between learning from some of the world’s greatest taekwondo instructors, opening dedicated centres in two countries, and training for over four decades, the husband and wife team have a strong claim to be among the country’s foremost experts.

A chance encounter with martial arts in the UK in 1972 where they trained with the UKTA under the guidance of Grandmaster Rhee Ki Ha, ignited a passion for the sport – and the intense mental and physical strength required to excel in it.

It’s a flame that’s still burning strongly in this unique couple.

In fact, they’ve now spent 40 years doing what they enjoy most: helping people boost their health, fitness, mental well-being, and defence skills, through martial arts.

Why not discover the thrill of Taekwondo with two of its most dedicated instructors?

Grandmaster Trevor Dicks: At a glance

An enthusiastic martial art master, Trevor lives to inspire members to greater and greater heights of fitness and health.It’s not all about the physical aspect though.

Years of taekwondo experience have taught Trevor to value the mental health rewards:  confidence, resilience, discipline and resolute self-belief.

8th Dan Grandmaster

Appointed as the Regional Director for the World Taekwondo Alliance for Australia, NZ, and the South Pacific Area by Grandmaster Han Min Kyo 9th Dan.

Gets the best from students with old school methods, discipline – and plenty of fun.

Conducts grading exams for members across Australia and New Zealand.

Master Margaret Dicks: At a glance

An instructor for over forty years, Margaret has taught countless students to black belt level and beyond.

Her secret? Making training fun, competitive, and tailored to her students’ lifestyles.

6th Dan black belt and Master Instructor in taekwondo.

Specialist in training individuals and small groups, including private lessons for women and girls.

Believes students get the full benefit of taekwondo with discipline and commitment.

With you every step of the way

Friendly, patient, and very skilled, our senior rank Instructors love sharing the secrets and training strategies of taekwondo.

  • Lenny Too (4th Dan)
  • Shane McNish (4th Dan)
  • Stephen Dicks (3rd Dan)
  • Stephen Nicholson (3rd Dan)
  • Ben Boland (3rd Dan)
  • Tye Blinkhorn (3rd Dan)

Branch Instructors and Assistant Instructors

Every one of our instructors has been taught Taekwondo at our school and each one is experienced and adept at sharing our training methods first-hand with students.

You will find them friendly, understanding and able to empathise with the struggles and successes of every student.

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A Fantastic Team

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