Traditional Taekwondo For Kids

Kids love learning taekwondo at Pacific International, with the pace, variety and martial arts atmosphere a real thrill for them.

We strive to make the exercise enjoyable and exciting, helping kids improve co-ordination, balance, stamina and muscle strength, as well as giving them a discipline and confidence that carries over into the rest of their lives.

Our classes are a safe, non-competitive environment where kids can challenge themselves by learning new skills and attaining new levels of confidence; we make a point of avoiding competitions as we don’t feel our students gain from being labelled a winner or a loser at this stage in their development.

Fees and Costs for Kids

Effective March 2016

Life membership, uniform and 1 month training* – $89
Monthly Training Fees – $68

* 1 month training included in membership package does not apply with use of Groupon or Our Deal vouchers

For family discount rates contact us