Self Defence Classes

Defense for Teens & Men

Our regular “Practical Street Defense for Men” workshops that will give you the knowledge and expertise to defend yourself from the one punch attack. You will be taught…

  • Non-aggressive pre-attack defense postures.
  • The three stages of attack.
  • Defense against the most common initial attack.
  • Correct defense mindset
  • How to end the attack fast

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Defense for Girls & Women

This 2- hour workshop has been designed specifically to empower, build confidence and enhance safety for women.

We will show you how to proactively manage your safety, and also improve your self-awareness and confidence, it’s also very enjoyable!

You will be taught

  • How to assess situations
  • Simple safety precautions
  • Projecting confidence
  • How to maximise physical power
  • How and where to hit effectively and escape.