Traditional Taekwondo for Teens

Our carefully-designed training programs for teen participants begin at the white belt level where you’ll learn the basic techniques that build fitness, flexibility, strength and balance. You will be doing  fast and powerful kicks, blocks, punches, amazing jumping kicks and effective defence skills in classes with something for everyone.

Traditional Taekwondo for TeensYou will find your training is a great way to let off steam after a long day of classes, homework and sitting still. You’ll train safely with a partner and get a real sense of satisfaction as you grow faster, stronger and more effective- the art is a great way to release energy, reduce stress, develop confidence and of course learn defence skills.

Taekwondo is equally exciting for sports-mad teens or those just looking for some physical activity each week, with the range of skills offering challenges to participants of all levels.  You will get the chance to attempt to reach the next belt level four times a year, with each level offering new and more advanced techniques to learn and master.

Fees and Costs for Teens

Effective March 2016

Life membership, uniform and 1 month training* – $99
Monthly Training Fees – $78

* 1 month training included in membership package does not apply with use of Groupon or Our Deal vouchers