It is not uncommon to face challenges in our daily life, to be confronted by obstacles sometimes so large that they seem impossible to overcome. We all face times like these, when our willpower, strength, and dedication is tested to its limits. These are the defining moments in people’s lives, they can arise at any time and from the most unexpected source, even from a recreational activity such as martial arts.


During martial art training students are trained in a way that develops not only their physical stamina and strength but their willpower and commitment too. Truly, it is not easy to continue training and pushing oneself to your limit, and then to do it again at the next training session just days later. But, ask anyone who has done it before, and they will tell you: there is nothing to compare with the sense of achievement it delivers: the ‘fight’ is worth it.


Without pushing ourselves, we can’t truly understand what we are capable of and improve it still further. In fact, without challenge a person cannot grow, they stay in their current state lacking physical development and even insight into their own potential. It is a great loss for people to remain in this state; a loss to individuals who will never understand the opportunities they could reach and create, and a loss to society as the whole will never be greater than its parts.


Through martial art training we can defeat obstacles confronting us and continue growing and developing, individually and as a part of a whole. Though, this is easier said than done, and the process of growth is truly a struggle at times. It is a personal struggle, one which requires hard work and determination and produces life-enhancing rewards.


Learning a martial art means using your body to learn the techniques, punching, kicking and blocking and so testing your physical strength. Through that rigorous exercise and repetition of precise techniques, each person improves their self-control, discipline, and dedication, so tests their character strength. It is challenging, but those with the resilience to persevere emerge from training with an incredible sense of fulfilment and achievement, a feeling so gratifying that it cannot even be fully explained in words.


This feeling makes it all worth it, and this feeling can only be achieved by winning the personal fight.