Martial arts focused fitness classes. 4 weeks of Stretching, Strength and Mind & Body Focusing


Get fit, be strong, lose weight, gain confidence and find your own inner personal power

Our expert Taekwondo instructors are mad keen to use their martial arts skills in teaching general fitness, health and well-being to all.

These classes are for anyone who needs more pep in their step but may not want to commit to a full martial arts or Taekwondo training program.

* Uniform & belt included 

4wks Fitness Classes $49

Inspired by Martial Arts' teachings
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Technically this amounts to 2 Fitness classes for an adult each week at any of our venues.

If you are prepared to travel and check out our other venues, you can actually do 4 fitness based classes per week.

That’s 8 classes for $49. About $6 per class. $3 if you travel around a bit.

Say, whaaaaa-?

You read that right.

And we don’t mind where you train – we want you to experience our fantastic teachers even if you don’t want to formally practise Taekwondo or martial arts. We believe the teachings of Taekwondo lead to the same outcome. Try us.

Adult Fitness Classes

seated stretch

Adult Fitness Classes Help You Manage Stress. Big time!

Classes for Men & Women

blocking a punch

Have fun, let off steam and get a good night’s sleep.

Continue just for fitness or take it to the next level...

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