Adult Martial Arts Classes Brisbane

Taekwondo Classes for Adults at Pacific International Taekwondo

Adult Martial Arts Classes: Being an adult means that you’re continually facing life’s challenges – whether it’s deadlines, financial stress or other problems. It takes time and effort to find an avenue that works to relieve you of your daily stresses and tensions. There are, however, ways that you can boost your health, get fit and de-stress all in one go. With Pacific International’s adult Taekwondo classes, you can get a full workout session supported by experienced instructors committed to helping you meet your goals.

Our Adult Taekwondo Classes

In our adult Taekwondo and martial arts classes, we want to help you achieve stress relief for a more balanced lifestyle. Our classes will teach you the basic techniques for beginners as well as advanced Taekwondo practices so that you can develop new personal disciplines and ways of overcoming the challenges that life throws at you.

We’ve worked hard to create an environment that provides a balance of traditional martial art discipline and enjoyment that gets results. We want all our adults to walk away from each session feeling more confident than they did before. At each class you’ll learn and practise techniques that work to tone your body, arm you with defense skills and help you de-stress and feel good. You’ll walk away with a body that’s been recharged with energy and vitality, feeling refreshed and happy – and with an understanding of the practical uses of the skills we’ve equipped you with.


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At Pacific International Taekwondo, we focus only on the Art of Taekwondo in order to deliver the best fitness plan for the needs of our students. Our approach is both traditional and contemporary. By merging the two, we can give you the necessary foundations to build on as well as newer, fresher and modern ways of optimising your workout.

Increase Your Confidence In Safety

All our adult classes in Brisbane provide practical self-defence techniques that will help you in dangerous situations where you might need to protect yourself. However, we teach people not to use what they’ve learnt to inflict violence, especially when it isn’t necessary.

Everyone Can Join in

There’s no age limit to the art of Taekwondo. This discipline caters for people of all ages who desire a new way of life. We’ll help you achieve your body goals, health aspirations and equip you with world-class martial arts. To take part in one of our upcoming adult martial arts classes, give us a call today.