Martial arts education: Offline, Online, and Blended methodologies

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Education can be imparted via offline, online or blended methodologies. Traditional learning or offline learning is imparted in a school, in a typical classroom setting. Digital learning or online learning is imparted digitally using digital tools like the internet, computer, tablets, and mobile devices. Blended learning is a blend of offline and online learning in […]

Martial Arts and Motivation

Martial arts and motivation are closely linked together. Not only in martial arts, but in any sports, or for that matter in any human enterprise, be it sports, commerce, arts, or science, motivation plays a significant role. Brief overview of Motivation A precise definition of motivation is not yet agreed upon; nonetheless, largely it is […]

Martial Arts as an Academic Qualification

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Art and Culture have preserved martial arts since early times via paintings in caves, murals and potteries, besides sculptures and manuscripts. Academia have promoted art and culture, and, in this respect, academia has played a significant role in preserving and promoting martial arts over the years. But martial arts as an academic qualification like a […]

Martial Arts as a Sport

Martial arts as a sport is widely practiced throughout the world, due to the several benefits that it provides. But what is martial art and what is sport? Can martial arts be treated as a sport? If so, then what are its benefits? An attempt to answer these questions is presented in this article. What […]

Martial Arts Animation

Martial arts animation, also known as Martial arts anime, are animations that comprise martial arts as a prominent feature of the narrative. They are based on a story that significantly displays martial arts as armed or unarmed combat. What is animation? Animation is the projection of static frames in a fast manner. Each frame has […]

Code of honour in martial arts

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Code of honour in martial arts is valued by all martial artists all around the world. They follow it religiously and also live by it. This article attempts to understand what is honour, what is a code of honour, and what is a code of honour for martial artists. What is honour? Honour may be […]

Physics and its Application in Martial Arts

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Physics and its application in martial arts need to be understood clearly. Martial artists know that martial techniques need to be executed fast and often forcefully. The meaning of “fast” is generally understood to be speed, or velocity, or acceleration, which may be wrongly understood as being synonymous. Again, their relationships in forming potential or […]

Telehealth and Telemedicine for martial artists

Telemedicine generally signifies remote clinical services, while telehealth usually signifies both clinical and non-clinical remote services. Telehealth connotes a broader scope of remote healthcare services. Telehealth/ telemedicine is the delivery of healthcare services by using secure videoconference technology, so that the patient can see, hear and speak to a doctor via digital media. Both telehealth […]

Timing in martial arts

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Timing in martial arts may be defined as the time when an attacking or a defending movement achieves its objective of attack or defense. For example, the time when a punch lands on an opponent’s jaw may be considered as the timing of that attacking movement. Similarly, the time when successful dodging can evade an […]

Angles in martial arts

Angles in martial arts are embedded in all stances and techniques. Angles are formed when two straight lines intersect. However, a straight line is also a straight angle, and it is used in martial arts both as a straight line and as a straight angle. Nonetheless, simple straight lines travelling in a single direction, like […]