You Don’t Get Into Taekwondo – Taekwondo Gets into You

  So, you have decided to ‘get into Taekwondo training’. Well that’s great! If you have never previously trained in taekwondo what made you think of starting now? Was it perhaps seeing the exciting high kicks or jumping kicks, the ability to protect yourself, maybe just to lose weight, get fit and look good. Actually; […]

How Pacific International Taekwondo Helps To Develop Good Habits

Learn Taekwondo in Brisbane Northside To an onlooker Pacific International Taekwondo training looks exciting and fun, and it is. It doesn’t matter if you’re a child, a teen or an adult, being able to punch, kick, jump and spar with speed and agility, break boards and execute powerful patterns, while having the added bonuses of […]

Mental Toughness vs. Physical Toughness in Taekwondo Training

Toughness noun: the quality of being strong enough to withstand adverse conditions Taekwondo training in Brisbane challenges body AND mind.  Many people say it takes a strong body to train in Taekwondo, but a strong mind is just as important.  Mental toughness and physical toughness are two sides of a scale, and individuals who have […]

Train for more than just your body

Thinking about doing something to improve your health and get in shape? Deciding how to do it is not an easy decision as there’s so much choice now. Maybe it’s time to break out and try something new and different – traditional Taekwondo! You’ll find it hard to find something that delivers the rewards of […]

Taekwondo – A Free Trial of This Exciting Martial Art

Looking for a new way to let off steam, want to exercise your whole body, and learn an effective martial art for self-defence?   Pacific International Taekwondo is offering you a free trial lesson so you can experience this exciting martial art in a safe and friendly environment. During your free trial lesson you’ll learn […]

Women, Fear, and Stepping into A Martial Art

At Pacific International Taekwondo, we’re asked lots of questions from women and girls who are thinking about starting martial art training in Brisbane. They know the benefits, they want to make it happen, but they’re unsure, and wary of getting started. They’re afraid of what might be coming their way should they train. They’re fearful […]

Falling Down and Getting Up is the Essence of Martial Arts

Martial arts is about hitting people right? Wrong. The essence of martial arts isn’t learning to hit people, it’s learning to take a hit….figuratively speaking.   Falling Down The bottom line is that we don’t learn when we’re on top. When you have nothing to look towards, there’s nowhere to grow to, nothing to aim […]

Martial Arts Empowers and Energizes Teens

Teens Taekwondo/Karate in Albany Creek It seems like a universal struggle – getting teens to get up, get organized and get their lives on track. The trouble is that teens are walking a fine line between childhood and adulthood, with a foot on each side of that line but unable to completely fit in on […]

Top 10 Health Benefits of Martial Art Training

Why do people get into martial art training? For most of us at Pacific International Taekwondo, the primary reasons had little to do with keeping our arteries clean or strengthening our bones! It was more to do with discovering an interesting and exciting way to learn defence and boost fitness. Whatever reason YOU have for […]

Coordination and Focus in Martial Arts

pacific international taekwondo brisbane

Arguably two the most misunderstood aspects of the martial arts experience are coordination and focus. The former because it’s often ignored and the latter because it’s too easily assumed. Together, coordination and focus…