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Essential Mental Strength

Regardless of what physical activity a person is engaged in, a ‘correct’ state of mind is essential in order to reach maximum effectiveness.

Our brain controls our actions, except when responding to certain stimuli, such as when we accidentally touch something hot, then an automatic response will kick-in and you will immediately flinch away from the pain source.

Other than that just about everything we do is overseen by the brain.

Mental strength is essential in Taekwondo. That strength drives you on when you’re body is screaming at you to stop; anyone who has reached black belt knows that feeling.

It makes you push through the drills that you have done hundreds of times before.

It gets you through the necessary repetition required to get you to the next level of your training and expertise.

It allows you to concentrate and focus on tasks, overcome problems and set and achieve goals.

A strong mind is an essential element in your successes in life. It separates doers from wannabe’s.

Just about all martial arts schools talk about the self-discipline you can get from training, and yes you can, but it isn’t an automatic result of training, it’s a result of intensity of training and pushing yourself to be better, stronger, faster.

Often, it’s not the tiredness in your legs that makes you stop a repetitive activity, it’s weakness of the mind.
Make yourself do more than you think you can and you will be amazed at the difference it makes to both your training, and your outlook on life.

Your instructor plays a vital role in your development of mental strength. Their constant encouragement helps push you beyond your pre-determined barriers, and when you begin to realise that yes! ”I am getting stronger, faster and better” is when you begin using self-discipline and realising that you are the person that can achieve whatever you set your mind to.

Master Dicks

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