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When you’re at training, do you ever stop to think about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it?

I hope why you are doing it is because you’re enjoying it – but exactly WHAT are you doing?

The nature of our Taekwondo school – (YOUR Taekwondo school, My Taekwondo school, it belongs to all of us), is that it’s about real life and self defense.

We don’t train to win a competition or to score points or to be the best, we train to do our best so we’ll be able to look after ourselves in a defense situation, full power and fast techniques that will help keep us safe from harm.

But there’s more than equipping our arms and legs with the ability to punch and kick, it’s just as much about equipping our heads with self-belief, determination, confidence and resilience….that never give in attitude that everyone has tucked away but only a few people find.

The ‘culture’ of our school is to ‘try your best’. You don’t have to be the best, just try your best.

It’s not about performing movements that look good; it’s about practising defense techniques so they will work effectively if you need to use them. It’s about feeling despondent when you don’t see a result as quickly as you’d like to and trying again…and again….and again. That’s real training.

Want to be good at Taekwondo? YOU CAN!

Want to be a Black Belt? YOU CAN!

The physical side of training… actually doing it, well, that’s easy, just keep at it. The hard part is pushing yourself to try hard, to punch a little faster, to kick a little stronger, and to dodge a little quicker when you spar.

When you try hard at every training session, trying hard gradually becomes a habit and becomes how you approach everything you do. You’ll be amazed how successful you can become when you get used to doing your best at every opportunity.

My challenge to you is to change your training as from your next training session. Go in with an open mind and work your butt off! Discover the difference it will make in just one month from starting.

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