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How many days a week should you train for Taekwondo

We often get asked questions about how many times a week someone should train to learn a martial art like Taekwondo. The short answer is it depends on what you want to achieve. The more you can practice, however, the quicker you are likely to develop.

In short, someone taking one class a week is likely to improve their skills much slower than someone who is attending three times a week.

Is Taekwondo for you?

Before you get into more regular training, it’s important to decide whether a martial art such as Taekwondo is the right thing for you. The good news is that, around Brisbane, there are plenty of introductory classes to give you a taste. These are often free.

If you like it, you may want to start with learning the basics and taking just one class each week. In between classes, you can practice new moves and learn about the philosophy of Taekwondo. Some people are happy with this and use classes as a way to get fit, learn a few new skills and for social benefits.

Others want to progress and get into the detail. This normally means training quite often. It’s not uncommon for more enthusiastic pupils to train three or sometimes four times a week with a class. They may boost this by practising at home – it’s relatively easy to set up a suitable space for Taekwondo even if you have a limited budget.

A lot will also depend on your level of fitness, of course. Taekwondo and other martial arts are physically demanding once you get into them and learn more skills. If you’re starting from a fairly low bar with regards to fitness, it makes sense to take things slowly and gradually build up.

Can you train every day?

The more into Taekwondo you get and the more proficient you become, the more likely you are to want to train regularly.

If you are focused on working through your belts and becoming a black belt or advanced dan grade,  you may even want to train every day. If you have set up a studio at home, you will need to spend time honing your skills.

As you train more, you will become fitter and begin to understand the deeper philosophy that supports martial arts like Taekwondo. This can mean you change the way you live, how you treat people, how you eat and what is important to you.

As with any physical activity, training every day may be the goal but it’s not always good for you. It’s important as you progress to understand when your body needs to rest and recover. This is very important when you are building fitness levels as it allows strained muscles to repair themselves and makes you stronger in the long run. It also helps you avoid injuries.

If you’re young and have nothing holding you back, training every day can be a breeze. If you’re an adult, as many of our students are in Brisbane, there may well be other commitments such as work and family that take precedence. It’s important to find a happy medium where you are progressing at a speed that satisfies you and which helps you meet your goals but allows you to engage in other activities.

Where to find Taekwondo classes in Brisbane

The great news is that there a plenty of Taekwondo classes in and around Brisbane that are aimed at kids, teens and adults of all ages. A wide mix of people take part in this particular martial art and they do so for a variety of reasons.

If you’re a beginner, you can even take your first class free to see if you like it. Why not book onto a lesson today?



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