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Martial Arts Discipline Shapes the Lives of Teens

Taekwondo for teens

Discipline is the distance between goals and accomplishment. – Jim Rohn

A central element of all martial arts is the self-discipline that builds a students level of success in their training. Pacific International Taekwondo runs Taekwondo classes Brisbane wide, and in each and every location, you’ll hear instructors explain about the importance of self-discipline in martial art training.

Self-discipline is the ingredient from which all martial art accomplishments flow. It’s not about standing in a still stance for hours on end or being reprimanded by your instructor. Self-discipline is something that comes from within, something that cannot be given to you, but that can be fostered.

Discipline is an essential skill for teens to develop because mastering discipline is what makes life work, and what pushes things forward in life so that success can come. This is a huge reason why Taekwondo for teenagers is very beneficial in many different ways.


Getting to class on time, making good study choices, and having the focus to do the right things in the classroom are all things that teens improve upon when they train in martial arts. There is something fundamentally different about the discipline that comes from teens who develop it in martial art training as opposed to what comes in the classroom.

With martial arts, there is immediate feedback when technique is poor,  immediate physical feedback. Defense skills that should work effectively, don’t. Teens learn from that immediate and physical response about consequences, something that isn’t so readily visible in school where the ramifications of poor grades aren’t as clear until much later down the line.

By developing discipline in the training hall, teens learn to master themselves, control their attitude and get ahead of negative consequences – something that translates beautifully to the classroom.


A major reason that teens struggle with relationships is because they struggle with self control. There is so much happening in the teenage body, and without a good deal of self-discipline, things can easily get out of control in ways that have serious emotional consequences.

Self control through self discipline offers teens a toolbox to take charge of their bodies and their minds. That self discipline really helps teens to feel confident in relationships and to make smart choices about them.


In the lives of teens, martial arts discipline offers something special. Teenagers stand at the precipice of their future lives, charged with making decisions and following paths that will affect them for decades to come. What does life look like after high school? What kind of career do you want to have? Where should you live?

We charge teens with making this series of life changing decisions at a time when they’re brains are a soup of hormones and development. Science tells us that the teen brain is something utterly unique in human development – vastly different from what it was in childhood or what it might be in adulthood. Yet often we don’t give them the right tools to navigate life, expecting them to act as adults when they most definitely aren’t….. yet.

Martial arts gives teens the chance to find clarity and to discover their strengths and weaknesses in a way that’s instructive and fulfilling. The discipline that study and practice in martial arts provides helps teenagers to lay a foundation for a successful and happy life beyond the teen years. Or, in other words, Taekwondo training for teenagers is also for tomorrow’s adults.


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