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How To Get Fit – Again

We all know that staying fit is important not only for physical health but that it also has huge benefits for mental well-being. Many of us get into bad habits for one reason or another. We stop going to the gym, put on weight and before long find ourselves a little less flexible and robust than we used to be.

So, how do you get fit again and choose the right regime while making it enjoyable and engaging at the same time, so you don’t lose enthusiasm?

Here we take a closer look at martial arts and how it’s a great activity to get involved with if you want something new, exciting and social that exercises every part of your body and your mind.

Be Realistic About Getting Fit

The first thing to think about when it comes to getting fit is to be realistic. A lot is going to depend on your current fitness levels and how far you need to travel to get to your training location. Setting goals is important but so is understanding that actually getting fit takes time and effort.

Whether you want to lose weight or you’d just like to run around the block without getting out of breath, the activity you choose is just as important as your goals.

Finding an Activity You Like

Lifting weights, doing aerobics, running and other activities are all great but if you don’t like doing them they can make your fitness regime a chore, rather than something enjoyable you are likely to stick with.

It’s important to find something that fits in with your mindset and fills you with passion. Simply doing repetitive exercises like squats and press-ups can be pretty boring, let’s face it.

Fortunately, many activities are much more fun to do and get you fit at the same time. One of these is martial arts.

The Benefits of Martial Arts

When we mention martial arts, people often think of films like Enter the Dragon and stars like Jeanne Claude Van Damme. Looks great, but It seems like hard work.

Well, it is but it’s also highly enjoyable and social. The reason many people enjoy martial arts is because it has a lot of different facets.

From kickboxing and karate to aikido and jujitsu, there’s a lot to choose from. The good news is that martial arts not only get you fit but there are plenty of other benefits too:

  • Martial arts reach deeply into the mental, physical and self-will aspects of your life. For instance, once you get involved in physical activity such as karate, you’ll also begin to look at your diet and how you live your life. As you progress, you’ll understand your own nature better, your strengths and weaknesses and how you can control them to improve your quality of life..
  • There’s no doubt that people who decide to practice martial arts quickly begin to build self-confidence. That doesn’t just come from learning the basic moves, it develops out of pushing the boundaries and discovering new abilities, including things that sometimes surprise the individual.
  • Martial arts are big on personal development, not just physically but mentally. You will find yourself calmer with an inner sense of stillness and you’ll have greater focus and deeper understanding of your body and your mind.

Martial arts provide aerobic and anaerobic benefits whatever your level of fitness and they are certainly a more interesting way to get fit than sitting in the gym doing sit-ups or pressing weights.

Traditional Martial Arts for Beginners

There is a range of traditional martial arts such as Taekwondo, karate and kickboxing where classes are widely available nowadays. These are great activities to start with if you want to get fit and you’ll meet people from all walks of life, from beginners to the more advanced along the way.

Taekwondo for Adults

Many adults begin Taekwondo training as kids, now could be the perfect time to look at it again. Classes for adults are available in many areas and you’ll be surprised by how much of that past experience is stored away in your brain.

Martial Arts Near Me

Whatever you choose, the great news is that martial arts are an increasingly popular activity and many gyms specialize in sports such as karate and kickboxing, especially in urban areas.

Most of these offer classes for complete beginners and welcome newbies with open arms. If you are wondering how to get fit and looking for an activity that is different, exciting and social, then martial arts are well worth a closer look.



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