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How Intense Is Your Intent

Do you train because you just enjoy it or do you have a desire to achieve black belt?

Your reasons for training are exactly that… your reasons, not anyone else’s, just yours, so ask yourself “what do I want from my training?”

Is it a healthy lifestyle, camaraderie, fitness, defence or get to black belt.

As a beginner getting to black belt seems out of reach, but “maybe I could get to green belt” seems do-able, and at green, blue belt suddenly becomes a distinct possibility. Blue belt is about half way to black, so… “Maybe I could get to black belt if I really worked at it!” Now you are on the way.

Will it be difficult? Yes, nothing in this life that is worthwhile having or achieving is easy. You will need dedication, good instruction and a commitment to yourself to succeed. Which brings us to… ‘The intensity of your intent!’

Just how strong is your commitment to reach black belt level?

Your own answer to that question will decide your level of intent.

  • How hard are you willing to work
  • What are you willing to sacrifice

You will have to work hard and you certainly will have to sacrifice some leisure time.

You will have to have a strong mind to disregard the failures you will encounter, for instance, you may find board breaking difficult and you’ll have to learn to persevere.

You will be free sparring with lots of different people, to build courage confidence and perseverance and you’ll feel exhausted.

Sometimes you will doubt your ability and at other times your commitment. That annoying little voice that always seems to be around when you are training hard keeps nagging at you …”is it worth all this effort, wouldn’t it be easier to quit; Do you really want to put yourself through this for the sake of a cloth belt being tied around your waist, what’s the point?”

And then you find yourself at the crossroads thinking: Yeah! What is the point, what’s it all for?

This is the point… the black cloth belt you will wear around your waist in monetary terms is worth the cost of the materials and work it took to manufacture it – not much, but the building of the intensity of your intent to achieve it is worth your weight in gold. You now have a strong mindset, you are the person that achieves what you set out to achieve, you have the courage to fight through tough times, in short you have learned one of life’s great lessons – Your success in life is directly linked to your intensity of intent to succeed at goals you set for yourself.

You’re a winner!

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