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Is Taekwondo good for self-defence?

Is Taekwondo good for self-defence?There are many reasons why people of all ages and from different backgrounds join taekwondo classes in Brisbane.

Some want a physical activity that is more interesting and communal than jogging or hitting the gym.

Others want to learn a sport that has a whole philosophy attached to it.

Many want to learn a martial art to improve their confidence and add a few skills to protect themselves.

At our taekwondo classes in Brisbane, we often get asked the question…

Is Taekwondo good for self-defence?

Is Taekwondo good for Self-Defence?

This is a little more difficult to answer than many people think and there can be conflicting views on the internet. The reason for this is that Taekwondo can be taught in two very different ways. The modern and widely recognised version of Taekwondo is built around a set of rules. There are competitions that allow you to try out your skills against an opponent, but these allow you to only strike certain parts of the body based on your training.

The alternate and original way of Taekwondo supports training safely but without the same rules applied for competitions. Many of the disallowed striking areas in competitions are the very target a victim needs to strike if caught in a self-defence situation.

Of course, no one goes to a Taekwondo class to be injured, so striking is practised on equipment. This helps class members develop the physical speed and strength to apply Taekwondo strikes and kicks effectively. Just as important is the mental confidence that grows through consistent practise.

Taekwondo classes in Brisbane are about more than pounding away on shields and pads though. Training incorporates a variety of martial arts techniques designed to increase resilience and mental focus, as well as build fitness, muscle tone and flexibility.

But don’t forget that most people choose to learn Taekwondo for recreation so there needs to be an element of fun and enjoyment in class training. This comes when practising with class members that gradually become mates. Learning how to release from holds….how to carry out a wide variety of kicks, blocks and strikes and the practise  of nimble footwork to avoid an opponent during sparring is much more enjoyable when the opponent is a friend.

All these movements are drilled into students during classes and can become second nature. So, for example, if you are attacked, they may help you act instantly to deflect a punch or a kick.

But if learning self-defence is your only reason for taking martial arts, you may want to instead think about specific self-defence classes. The reason for this is that martial art training is not a ‘quick-fix’. Learning Taekwondo skills instills a strong mind-set along with the physical skills, so you are ready to use your knowledge if it becomes necessary, and that takes time.

In short, if you feel that you are in danger now you will probably learn a greater number of defence techniques that will be much more useful to you right now. But ask yourself – will you have the confidence and the courage to use that knowledge?

While it also offers important self-defence techniques, taekwondo comes with a life philosophy and most people who take it beyond the first few beginner’s classes are not looking to learn only because they want to protect themselves. They are also interested in the discipline of Taekwondo training that could help them master their emotions and improve their self-confidence in difficult situations.

In real life, if you get into a threatening situation, there are no rules.  Fights can also escalate and may involve more than one person as well as weapons. It’s always best to avoid situations like these if you can, before things get out of hand.

Taekwondo Classes in Brisbane

  • Taekwondo classes in Brisbane have a lot of other benefits that are good for you including building fitness, agility and improving your self-control which can all be useful in a difficult situation.
  • It’s also a great community experience and you’ll meet a lot of new people. Taekwondo is a brilliant way to build self-confidence and has a role to play in all aspects of life.
  • Someone who has practised taekwondo for several years is less likely to get into a fight and will keep a cool head if a situation gets out of hand.

At our taekwondo classes in Brisbane, we get people from all areas of society and different ages. They’re all looking for something different when they start learning the moves and discipline of this amazing martial art. They nearly all find pretty quickly that taekwondo is a lot more than a series of kicks and blocks or trying to outdo  an opponent during a training session.

If you would like to start learning taekwondo, you can get the first classes free to see if you want to continue. Book on a taekwondo class in Brisbane today.

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