Brisbane Adult Martial Arts Classes

Pacific International Taekwondo is perfect for adults that want a new and different fitness challenge, something that’s a little exciting, works the entire body – and has a practical ‘real world’ use that grabs their mental interest too.
Class training is fun in a unique way that builds self-confidence and tenacity – and offers some stress relief too!

Our instructors make getting fit enjoyable and exciting right from your first class and through all the grade levels.

Taekwondo training can improve muscle tone, co-ordination, flexibility, balance and stamina, while inspiring you to develop new personal discipline and confidence that carries over into the rest of your life.
Our classes are never boring, with new techniques to learn and challenges to scale every week. You will be punching and kicking from the first lesson, getting a real sense of the practical uses of the skills you’re learning and re-charging your body with energy and vitality.


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You’ll learn how to use blocks, kicks and strikes safely with a training partner and be pleasantly surprised as you feel your ability improving and confidence growing.

And unlike an hour at the gym, we pride ourselves on our fun, sociable atmosphere. You won’t find headphone-wearing, bored fitness fanatics here; you’ll find an open and supportive community helping you achieve goals you never dreamed you’d reach.

4wks Taekwondo Classes $49

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