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Martial Arts Classes Stafford

If you are searching for martial arts classes Stafford, specifically around the central Stafford area, you’ll be pleased to know there’s several to choose from.

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that focuses on using the hands and feet for self defence. Even if self-defence doesn’t interest you, the variety of strikes, kicks and blocks are exciting to learn for fitness or just as an interesting pastime.

martial arts classes Stafford
Adult male practising martial arts hyung

At Pacific International Taekwondo Stafford, we run classes every Monday and Thursday at the State School, located in an easy to find location, on the corner of Webster and Stafford Roads. What’s good to know is that the first couple of classes are totally free so anyone looking for martial arts classes Stafford can check it out, get a feel for what the martial art of Taekwondo offers and then decide whether they want to continue – or walk away.

Anyone can try out in this way. No special uniform is needed – all they need to do is give us a quick call or text on 0414252255 to let us know they’ll be attending the class, then rock up in comfortable clothing with a water bottle – ready for some activity, and at a pace that suits their level of fitness.

All branches of Pacific International Taekwondo, including martial arts classes Stafford welcome adults and teens, men and women of all ages and from all backgrounds. We don’t mind if you’re a couch potato or a superfit gym junkie, we’ll do our best to deliver first-rate martial art tuition at a pace that suits you!

Is Martial Arts Classes Stafford Suitable For Kids?

Yes it is. Our kids classes have a minimum age requirement of 7yrs.

Is Martial arts classes Stafford Suitable For Teens?

Teen girl practising martial art stance
Teen girl in stance during martial art classes

Yes. Martial arts classes Stafford is great for teens! Just like many martial arts classes, our classes at Stafford are about more than just learning to look after yourself with defensive skills. Our traditional way of training engages your mind-set and delivers a wide range of advantages that are useful in everyday life, for example it helps you develop self-belief and become more self-confident.

Starting martial arts classes Stafford begins with learning the basics. So, when class members begin to take part more fully it is comfortable for them, they have reached a certain level and feel ready for more interaction.

The instructors at martial arts classes Stafford are trained and experienced Black Belts.  They started their martial art training with the same hesitation most people feel at the thought of starting something new. Now they use that experience to make training better for you. You’ll find them friendly, approachable and able to deliver first-rate tuition.

Is Taekwondo a Popular Martial Art?

Yes it is. Many people book in for their free trial classes every month. Martial arts classes Stafford are just as popular with women and girls as with men and boys. There’s a feeling of friendship and unity in the class.

One of the things parents like about the activity is it’s low cost. The monthly training fees are lower than average, there is no expensive equipment to buy and no contracts that lock a person in to classes they no longer want!

What Happens During Classes?

The first few classes are all about learning the basic stances and moves and discovering a bit about the philosophy of this amazing martial art. We aim to make training as enjoyable as it can be while putting new members through their paces. If it’s your first class, you’ll enjoy 1 on 1 attention with a trained instructor or class helper who will put you at ease. Don’t worry, just go at your pace and have fun, you’ll soon get the hang of it.

Is There a Class in Brisbane Near Me?

At Pacific International Taekwondo Brisbane, we hold classes throughout the week in the following areas:

Albany Creek, Arana Hills, Balmoral, Bracken Ridge, Dakabin, Dutton Park, Slacks Creek, Stafford, and Toowong.

The first two lessons for beginners are free. They run for about an hour each and you’ll enjoy personalised attention. They are also free of any commitment and pressure, so if at the end you feel martial arts is not for you, there is no embarrassment about walking away.

If you would like to try, simply book online and come along with some comfy clothes and a water bottle.

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