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Martial Arts Empowers and Energizes Teens

Teens Taekwondo in Albany Creek

It seems like a universal struggle – getting teens to get up, get organized and get their lives on track. The trouble is that teens are walking a fine line between childhood and adulthood, with a foot on each side of that line but unable to completely fit in on either side. The tension that causes is what creates a great deal of the attitude that parents and teachers get from teens.

Martial Arts Empowers Teens

Teens are in the middle, and most of them just don’t quite know where they belong. Kids might spend years taking dance lessons or playing on the soccer field just to suddenly change their minds and give up what seemed to parents to be a lifelong passion. That change can leave parents reeling and trying to lay down the law rather than offering their teens the room and support to grow. One thing to emphasize with teens is that they do have the power to make their own decisions. That’s easy to say, but not nearly so easy to do when you’re going through it.

Martial arts gives teens a framework to feel confident and in control. That’s because it takes courage and determination simply to step into the training hall, and it’s also because the goal of martial arts is essentially self defense. Students learn to control their actions within their immediate area to get the results they want. When they understand that they quickly find the confidence to take control in other areas like schoolwork and relationships. Perhaps the biggest obstacle that teens have to overcome is that they don’t feel as though they have the ability to make life their own – martial arts can teach them how.

Martial Arts Energizes Teens

The saying about teenagers sitting on the couch, absorbed in their electronic devices is a real experience of lots of families. It is difficult to motivate them to get up and get moving. Past the age of ‘playing’ they are often looking for something new and different that has more purpose to it. Martial arts can get teens moving and engaged in their lives. There are lots of ways to explain it, like improved focus and concentration that comes from patterns or how sparring causes a rush of adrenaline that helps teens to take action in their lives. The reasons are great, but the experiences of families are even better.

Just as the saying about teens being glued to their electronic devices is something that many parents have experienced, the reports of the transformation of young people who become involved in martial arts is one that almost everyone of our instructors has experienced. Students who had little motivation and success in school are suddenly interested in and excited about achievement. The amazing thing is that the lessons learned in the training hall are really not applied most often to fend off an attacker – they’re most often applied in daily life where they improve the ability of students to bounce back from failure, to strive through the hard days, and to find an excitement in their life that they didn’t know was out there.

Pacific International Taekwondo can offer a powerful antidote to the seemingly endless teen years of self doubt and avoidance. Transformation is the name of the game, with results that speak for themselves.

To discover the difference that it can make in your teen’s life, call (07) 3889 9551 for your free trial session.


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