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One fundamental movement is enough to end a fight

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In every martial art, there are several fundamental movements, and the correct execution of fundamental movements win fights. Taekwon-Do is a martial art and it has hundreds of fundamental movements. Even if only one fundamental movement is practised correctly, then that one single movement is enough to end a fight.

The fundamental movement can be a punch or a kick. The important point is to practice it to perfection. This implies practising it thousands of times every day. For example, the very first kick that is usually taught is the front snap kick.

The front snap kick is a very powerful and an extremely effective kick in actual combat. It can be delivered at low, mid or high sections, and it is found in every martial art. In Taekwon-Do it is known as “apcha busigi”, in Karate it is known is “mae-geri”, and in Muay Thai it is known as “teep”.

This kick can be practised either to give a blow or to push. If giving a blow is intended then the ball of the foot is used, and if the intention is to push, then the sole of the foot is used. In Muay Thai it is generally used to push, while in Taekwon-Do and Karate, it is usually used to give a blow.

If the ball of the foot lands on the chin of the opponent, then this one blow is enough to knock out the opponent and conclusively end the fight.

Another benefit of this kick is that it can be delivered without any telegraphing. Telegraphing is giving an advanced hint to the opponent as to what the next move will be. The kick is delivered by the back leg, and the front leg is not moved at all. Inexperienced fighters generally turn their front leg a little bit or give a little hop, as they start to move their back leg to deliver the front snap kick. This movement of the front leg “telegraphs” or tells the opponent that the next move will be a front snap kick. So the opponent is already prepared to receive the kick by deflecting it, or blocking it, or avoiding it. Hence there should be no telegraphing while executing this kick. With no telegraphing and keeping all body movements to the minimum, this kick is most effective in producing the greatest shock to the opponent and it certainly can end a fight.

In the below given video, we can see MMA champions delivering the front snap kick, which results in knocking out their opponents and ending their fights.

As evidenced in the above video, the front snap kick is very effective. By simply practising this one kick to perfection, a person can easily end a fight with a single kick. Similarly, one punch if delivered correctly is enough to end a fight.

Check out hundreds of fundamental movements in the lists of fundamental exercises A and fundamental exercises B, and then master them to perfection.


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