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Pushing Through Your Training


Anyone training in martial arts will at some time have to combat training boredom.

Generally this happens predominately within the first six months of training.

Repetition is essential at this level because the repetition is embedding the foundations for future learning and growth of power and focus. During this period the fundamental movements are being consolidated.
These fundamental movements and techniques are the bedrock on which all movements are based – speed, power, balance, use of correct and appropriate technique, correct target areas, breath control, focused mindset and much more. This initial training can lead to mental and physical tiredness.

The above are some of the physical attribute that are seeded and begin to grow during this initial training period, and in order to maintain your training through this period you have to dig down and find your inner strength.

This is the time you will begin to build your courage and perseverance; it’s that absolutely essential ingredient that allows you to push through all the barriers, problems and weaknesses within yourself to be able to achieve your goals, any goals, not just your martial art training goals.

One of the best and simplest ways of getting rid of boredom when training is, to train with equipment and partners!

Use a punch bag or partner held hand pads. Using these training aids allows you to physically contact with your techniques so you “feel’ the contact. You don’t have to just visualise, you can feel the power you are generating.

If you are training alone and don’t have any equipment to train with, use visualising methods. ‘See’ your opponent’s attack and move, block and counter accordingly.

Practice seeing your imaginary opponent knocked backwards and winded when you perform a well executed front or side kick to their solar plexus.

There are no limits to what you can do when you visualise, and using this method of training will really help keep your training on track through those boring times.

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