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Self-Defence (Hosin Sul): Defense against an armed opponent (Dae Moogi): Defense against a Club (Dae Gonbong): Outward strike toward the ribs

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Self-Defence (Hosin Sul): Defense against an armed opponent (Dae Moogi): Defense against a Club (Dae Gonbong): Outward strike toward the ribs

“Defense against an armed opponent requires the ultimate in technique. […] though someone who has fully developed speed, balance, power, tactics and self-confidence may possibly defend against a knife, club, bayonet or staff, it requires the highest degree of expertise to defend against a gun. If it is necessary for the defender to take more than two steps to reach his opponent, especially if he is an observant gunman, then the technique will fail.” – Gen. Choi Hong Hi (Vol.5. p.354)

“[…] following points must be borne in mind when defending against an armed opponent.
1. If a dodge is employed, move away from the direction the weapon is facing, except in the case of straight stab or thrust, in order to avoid being stabbed or cut.
2. Gauge your distance precisely. Dodging too far from your opponent may make it impossible to execute a counter-attack in time. Against a bayonet or staff, lengthen your strike during the dodge so that opponent will find it necessary to take an extra step for a combination movement. Compensate for this increased distance by positioning yourself for an instant spring to cover the extra step in a single bound.
3. Blocking should be executed against the attacking arm or hand, rather than the weapon itself, when defending against a knife or club.” – Gen. Choi Hong Hi (Vol.5. p.341)

Defense against a Club (Dae Gonbong): Outward strike toward the ribs

X (attacker), Y (defender). The roles of X and Y can be reversed so that both practitioners can practice all movements.

X and Y are standing and facing each other. X attacks with a club in an outward strike toward the ribs of Y.

“”Initially, dodging motion should be executed at a close range to insure one is able to avoid the attack and respond instantly with a counter-attack without taking extra steps.” – Gen. Choi Hong Hi (Vol.5. p.368)


X: With a club, attack Y in an outward strike toward the ribs.
Y: Bring the right foot behind the left foot and form a left X-stance, while a twin straight forearm performs a checking block.
Y: Jump up and perform a right knife-hand outward strike, while flying away from X.

Taekwon-Do is a practical art; hence it can be learnt only from an instructor. Words, diagrams and videos can help only as a reference, and they cannot replace an instructor. Expert practical guidance from an instructor is invaluable.

“Certainly the most important asset any training hall can have is a good instructor. There is no substitute for a well-trained, intelligent, perceptive and patient instructor.” – Gen. Choi Hong Hi (Vol.6, p.17).


Choi, H. H. (1985). Encyclopedia of Taekwon-Do (Vols. 1–15). Vienna: International Taekwon-Do Federation.

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