My Black Belt Story by Abigail Buchanan

  When I was a white belt, I didn’t really take taekwondo too seriously. I enjoyed it but didn’t really understand what I was doing too well, I just wanted to do it because my brother was doing it. As I started moving from being a white belt beginner up to higher belt colours I […]

My Black Belt Story by Danielle Jamison

I started taekwondo when I was 6 years old, mainly to copy my older brother because 6-year-old Danielle thought he was very cool. I went to the Albany Creek branch, the instructor was Senior Instructor Shane McNish. He was an excellent instructor, focusing on technique and discipline, and he helped me make significant progress in […]

My Black Belt Journey by Anabel Gonzalez

Halfway through high school I started training with Pacific International Taekwondo as a way to keep active and fit. At the time I didn’t think about goals so didn’t plan to get my black belt. So, I soon reached 1st Kup with no plan to go any further. After leaving school and taking a short […]

Mindset Matters in Taekwondo Training

Mindset Matters In Taekwondo training

Mindset Matters Do you know that your mindset, the way you look at things, can make a huge difference to your success at Taekwondo and in life generally – and that you can control it? Stanford University Professor Carol Dweck suggests that our mindset can either actively promote our learning and moving forward in life […]

Traditional Taekwondo for Adults Delivers more than Defence and Fitness

Why Traditional Taekwondo Can Help Adults Achieve More in Everyday Life Our Taekwondo training in Brisbane helps adults overcome the trials and tribulations of everyday life. It is not uncommon to face challenges, or to be confronted by obstacles so large they seem impossible to overcome. We all have times like these, when our willpower, […]