Think of all the ways your child would benefit throughout their life if you gave them the opportunity to develop a mind-set for achieving success.

What if they got into the habit of attaining big objectives from a young age by working to reach smaller goals?

Look forward and see what a positive impact it would have on their all-round development if they were stretched, both physically and mentally, to overcome challenges.

The experience of training to be a Junior Black Belt in Taekwondo gives kids a set of life-skills that will benefit their future lifestyle and happiness. The path from complete beginner to Junior Black Belt is challenging, achievable by any child, and offers fun, new friends, exercise, and a real sense of achievement while gaining a mind-set for accomplishing goals.

Taekwondo Junior Black Belt Training

You may think, as many parents do before they bring their kids to a training session, that learning a martial art is simply a matter of copying an instructor as they demonstrate a technique. Watch your child in their first training session and you’ll see that traditional Taekwondo training is about so much more.

The process, from the very first session, is not only about learning physical martial arts techniques, but also developing the mind-set that leads to becoming a Junior Black Belt.

There are times when quiet attention is required. The skill of active listening and the ability to follow instructions are acquired. Focus of mind is developed as the techniques and the process of learning becomes more complex as the student progresses. Parents often say they have seen their children grow and develop on the journey from beginner to Junior Black Belt. The journey starts with you as a parent bringing them to their first lesson.

Physical Development and Mind and Body Coordination

Combining physical exercise with learning new Taekwondo techniques, while working with a partner, leads to healthy physical development and improved mind-body coordination. What they learn and process mentally the children put into action.

The sometimes clumsy and uncoordinated child starts to control their body and moves and acts with purpose. Working with a partner, not competing, promotes hand-eye coordination, which is vital for safety, sports, and many activities.

The Development of Aptitudes and Attitudes Through Taekwondo Training for Kids

Many character-building traits are seen to flourish as children learning Taekwondo face challenges and overcome obstacles. Each child has existing attributes, some are strong while other talents are hidden, underused, or not accessed. Taekwondo training for kids will teach them to control and direct their strengths and strengthen the weaker or unused parts of their psychological make-up. The result is a mentally stronger and fully rounded young individual. The effects of Taekwondo training on children can be seen permeating through all aspects of their life and contributing to their future well-being and happiness.

All Kids Can Do It and All Kids Can Benefit

Whether you consider your child to be academically inclined or more of a physical athlete, they will face the challenges on the journey from beginner to Junior Black Belt and benefit from the lessons they learn while overcoming them.

They will experience just the right amount of testing to encourage growth and development that will be seen in everything they do.

Strong minded, sometimes difficult children will harness their strengths. Shy introverts gain confidence. Excitable kids learn patience, and the absent-minded start to focus. Taekwondo for children can also accelerate self-awareness leading to changes in negative attitudes and uncontrolled emotions.

Think of all the ways your child would benefit throughout their life if you gave them the opportunity to learn traditional Taekwondo. Give them the opportunity by bringing them to their first training session and watch the difference it makes. 



The way children play, learn, and interact has been dramatically changed by technology. In just 20 years, traditional games, playing outdoors, and physical connection with their environment has been replaced by a virtual world viewed on various screens and devices.

Many young children can use mobile phones and tablets better than some adults, they have become tech-savvy and that’s fantastic. Technology offers them many advantages and possibilities for their future careers and education, but parents should be aware of the impact technology use can have on child development.


The consequences of technology replacing traditional play

Using technology to play games or for learning has led to massive changes to the lifestyle of kids and is having a negative impact on child development.

Playing games outside with friends, creating things from whatever’s available, and exploring their surroundings, provides many benefits that kids are now missing out on as they spend hours sat looking at screens. The physical exercise of real play strengthens growing bones and muscles and improves cardio-vascular functions while burning calories and maintaining a healthy weight. The sedentary lifestyle of many children that spend time indoors playing games on a screen is leading to child obesity, poor physical development and serious health conditions such as diabetes in later life.


Pay attention – It’s important

Watch the face of a child when giving their attention to a video game and you’ll see a blank expression and emotionless staring. They respond automatically to the on-screen stimulus without thought and become automatons that react but don’t need to think. Extended time in this state supresses the development of creative thinking and imagination.

The type of attention children use when playing games in the real world develops learning and problem solving through creativity, reasoning, and logic. Rather than the narrow focus of attention on the predominantly visual stimulus of a screen, when kids play they become aware of their surroundings and other children. They interpret their environment using all their senses. They develop memory skills, decision making, and coordination, and they learn through creative thinking as they build new neural pathways in their brain.

Watch the face of a child when they’re giving their attention to playing a physical game or are learning through physical activity. You’ll see a range of emotions, thought processing, awareness of achievement, and best of all a smile now and then. To help your child to develop mentally and physically in the way children did before the technological era, consider the benefits of Taekwondo for kids.


The benefits of Taekwondo for kids

Taekwondo front kick

Junior student practising front kick

Taekwondo for kids is the perfect way to counterbalance their use of technology and give them the healthy physical, mental, and emotional development they need.

Traditional Taekwondo builds strength, aids flexibility, and improves cardio-vascular systems giving kids all the physical development benefits they used to get from playing. They develop balance and coordination and maintain a healthy posture that is important if they spend a lot of time sitting or slouching in a chair.

As they learn the techniques, children are challenged and stretched to achieve their potential at their own speed. They build awareness of both their surroundings and their own capabilities while being fully engaged with the lessons and the group. Your child will experience what is now called mindfulness but has been part of Taekwondo practice since it’s early ancient roots.

At Pacific Taekwondo we run classes for kids where they learn in a friendly but disciplined environment that encourages interaction, which quickly develops interpersonal and social skills and builds confidence in group situations. Plus, they will make lots of new friends.

Our qualified and experienced teachers provide a safe setting for kids to learn self-defence. We teach traditional Taekwondo in non-competitive lessons where the focus is on self-development through learning, goal setting, and achievement.


What to do now to help your child’s development

The impact of technology on children will continue to increase, and that offers many benefits for the future. For children to enjoy these benefits and prevent the negative effects of prolonged use of modern devices, you need to increase activities that help them develop through play and physical activity. To learn more about how you can give your child the opportunity for holistic development in the technological age, learn a practical form of self-defence, and to see them smile as they learn, contact Grandmaster Trevor or Master Inst Margaret at Pacific International Taekwondo. They will answer any questions and give you the opportunity to book your your child for some free trial classes. Email or call on 38899551 or mobile 0414252255


You Never Fail Until You Stop Trying

Everyone hopes they will be successful when they take their grading test for the next grade level.

Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case, there may be times when you don’t pass.

It could be for many reasons, may be because nervousness made you forget your pattern or you made mistakes during step sparring or free sparring, or the ‘sin of all sins’… you didn’t train and focus enough during the previous months of training practice.

Whatever the reason, become an Edison… Thomas Eddison invented many things the most famous being the light bulb and the phonograph. It took lots and lots of failures on his part until he reached his successes. Be like Eddison, just keep on working on your training skills until you “Get it”

Failing is no more than just being unsuccessful this time. With the help of your instructor fix the problem and get back on track.

It’s pretty-much impossible to get everything right first time. Some people pick-up on techniques faster than others but there’s no doubt that everyone can eventually ‘get-it’

It’s the struggle that makes you strong. If everything you do is easy for you, it’s impossible to build resilience and without resilience, setbacks become insurmountable obstacles.

Always do your best but if you are unsuccessful at grading time, find out the reason why from your instructor and fix it… problem solved… next grading – success.




So, you have decided to ‘get into Taekwondo training’. Well that’s great!

If you have never previously trained in taekwondo what made you think of starting now?

Was it perhaps seeing the exciting high kicks or jumping kicks, the ability to protect yourself, maybe just to lose weight, get fit and look good.

Actually; the reason you begin doesn’t really matter, what actually matters is, why you stay!

Training can ‘get into your blood’, you learn to love it, you work hard, train and sweat, you get tired and you continue to train, you push yourself and push some more, you look back on what you have accomplished and are happy and pleased with yourself. It’s that feeling of accomplishment that makes you pleased with yourself. You practice at home going through patterns or bag work and look forward to the next training session from your instructor. Maybe you must miss a training session and although there’s a genuine reason why, you still feel terrible… welcome to the team, you are becoming a martial artist.

There are millions of taekwondo practitioners throughout the world, some stay on the ‘surface’ and just have a workout, they enjoy the sweat and fight feeling but don’t go into it enough to allow the art to get into them.

All genuine martial artists get as deeply in to it as they can, there are of course many reasons for not being able to train as much as you would wish, sometimes ‘life gets in the way’ but for committed taekwondo students there doesn’t seem to be too many ‘compelling’ reasons not to train.

I hope you are one of the committed few.






To an onlooker Pacific International Taekwondo training looks exciting and fun, and it is. It doesn’t matter if you’re a child, a teen or an adult, being able to punch, kick, jump and spar with speed and agility, break boards and execute powerful patterns, while having the added bonuses of being superfit and able to look after yourself is empowering and satisfying.

Learning Pacific International Taekwondo is a journey made up of learning… practicing… achieving… and progressing.  Students of all ages use this process at each belt level, becoming fitter and stronger at each grade.

The enjoyment is in overcoming a new and tricky movement, controlling your body to move faster, feeling physically stronger, pushing yourself to be more confident when sparring …it’s all about discovering what you can do when you try.  So, by the time you’re ready to apply for your black belt you feel physically fit, you’re confident and you’ve developed the strong mind-set expected of someone ready to become either 1st Dan Black Belt or Junior Black Belt with Pacific International Taekwondo.

The important thing to realise is that the challenge of each grade level is a stepping stone to the next. Enjoy the challenges, they are there for a reason. Don’t ‘cut corners’ on techniques. Learning to deliver movements correctly is what Pacific International Taekwondo is about. It’s that aspect of training that develops the perseverance, self-control and self-discipline Taekwondo is renowned for. So by the time the next grading comes along you know you’re carrying out every required technique correctly.

Practicing mental focus and trying hard is a great habit to develop, it delivers amazing results, not just for Pacific International Taekwondo training, the same habit works successfully on any area of interest.  Of course it’s normal to feel frustrated and discouraged at times but push through those feelings, focus on the goal, that’s how you learn to control your emotions. The grit and ‘never give in’ attitude that you develop with this habit will stay with you for life.

The belts are recognition of a student’s ability. How fast a student gains that ability is up to them. Some people train regularly with a focused attitude keen to progress quickly, others are more relaxed and content to go at a slower pace. It’s your choice.

For both kids and adults Taekwondo really is a never-ending, interesting journey of controlling mind and body, enjoy every moment!

Our Taekwondo classes for kids are regular reminders that martial art training does more than teach physical skills. Life lessons are learned and character is strengthened during our classes at Pacific International Taekwondo in Brisbane; this is great for parents who want the best for their kids but are unsure how to help them succeed. Many of our younger students are also taught the self-confidence and self-defence skills they need to cope with bullying behaviour. For all the physical benefits our Taekwondo classes offer, there’s a whole host of other advantages as well.

Taekwondo: building young minds and character

Every parent wants their child to be safe and successful during their school years, and eventually move into a good career. The difficulty comes when we realise we can love our kids but we can’t control them, especially their mind-sets. We can use different methods to try and teach them but in the end their success is a result of their efforts and actions, not ours. It’s especially difficult as kids become adolescents and are influenced more by outsiders and social media than by their parents.

So, if we can educate our kids in a fun and enjoyable way about consequences, (Do this and that happens. Avoid doing that and this happens.) this can develop the right mind-set from an early age and act as a catalyst to achieving good things in all areas of life. That’s exactly what we try and create for each student at Pacific International Taekwondo.

  • Our training program is about more than fitness and self-defence. It’s an all-round self-improvement program that develops lasting inner strength or ‘grit’.
  • It gives kids and adolescents the opportunity to let off steam by learning exciting jumping kicks, fast free sparring and power board breaking. Aiming for success in those things requires the same work ethic that’s needed to excel at anything, but it’s a fun way to develop that work ethic.
  • Virtually every area of their life can be affected in a positive way through our training

Children can:

  • Become fitter, gain energy and stamina
  • Learn the importance of treating others with courtesy and respect
  • Learn the value of self-control and the power of cooperation
  • Gain the ability to set and achieve goals
  • Learn to persevere and not give up when faced with challenges

At Pacific International, we teach children the art of Taekwondo. This means they learn martial art skills beyond just ‘punching and kicking’. Learning a martial art is an all-encompassing activity that builds a strong mind as well as a strong body and includes disciplined drills, jumping techniques, and fast free sparring. Students train in a safe and controlled environment with highly experienced instructors who promote the tenets of Taekwondo: Courtesy… Integrity…Perseverance …Self-control and Indomitable Spirit with the physical skills.

To progress from one belt to the next means constant physical improvement and carrying out pre-set techniques to a required standard. By doing this, students of all ages experience the feeling of having earned their success, rather than having it given to them with no real effort on their part. This helps to develop an awareness of being responsible for the choices they make and the outcome of those choices.

Boosting kids’ confidence to avoid being a target for a bully

Most bullies are created, not born. The kids who call other kids names or pick on them in some way often do it because they experienced the same intimidation. Contrary to popular belief, bullies are unusually confident. They feel they have the right to impose their will on other people, in the same manner they learned from their relatives or peers.

Bullying behaviour can have an awful impact on your child, and on you as a parent. There’s nothing worse than seeing your child’s misery as you get them ready for school, knowing they don’t want to go, and feeling helpless to do anything about it. When you ‘arm’ your kids with a self-confident attitude that enables them to speak up for themselves, they carry themselves in a way that can   prevent them being seen as a weak target for a bully. We can help instil this assertiveness and confidence.

Pacific International Taekwondo does not teach kids to fight. Instead, we teach them a full range of martial art skills using hand pads and kick shields so they become used to the idea of self-defence and being safe. It’s non-aggressive, focused on defence, and develops an awareness of personal strength that they probably lacked prior to beginning their training. With that awareness, they realise they can do something to protect themselves, so they no longer feel vulnerable and fearful. Their new confidence and assertiveness, developed during Taekwondo training for kids at Pacific International, will show bullies they’re not an easy target.







noun: the quality of being strong enough to withstand adverse conditions

Taekwondo training in Brisbane challenges body AND mind.  Many people say it takes a strong body to train in Taekwondo, but a strong mind is just as important.  Mental toughness and physical toughness are two sides of a scale, and individuals who have specific strengths in each can find success. Finding a balance between the two is where the real results happen during Taekwondo training.

Physical Toughness

While there is a level at which everyone can find success in Taekwondo, no matter what their physical capabilities are, a threshold of physical toughness is required. Each individual must push themselves to their physical limits. Finding out what you’re capable of is part of this process and most people find their bodies are capable of much more than they think is possible. It’s common for students at Pacific International Taekwondo to feel stunned at what they can do physically with practice and good instruction.

Going back up that definition at the top of the page, toughness is not about how big muscles are but rather about how far you can go in adverse conditions. Adverse conditions are different for everyone, depending on the level at which you’re beginning and the support that you have.

Strength is not the main component of Taekwondo. If anything, it’s agility, coordination and precision that are the heart of being a high-achiever in the physical sense. That physical ability is the way that we move through patterns, sparring, jumping and everything else we do in Taekwondo. There’s so much possibility in these bodies that we walk around in. So while you might not be able to deadlift two hundred pounds, you can still reach a high level of physical success that meets your potential.

Physical toughness is a skill that you can develop just like any other. Start small, pushing the body incrementally, and those small gains will improve your level of physical toughness.

Mental Toughness

The real trick is that in order to get to physical success, you have to be mentally tough. Mental toughness drives the physical body. For instance, if you believe in your ability to do one more pushup, then you’ll find that more than likely you’re physically able to do it! Or if you think that you can break that board, then you’re more likely to be able to break it.

World class endurance athletes respond to stress in a different way than others do. In fact their brainwaves actually look more like people who are meditating when faced with an intense situation rather than with increased stress patterns. They have mental toughness!

Just like physical toughness, mental toughness is a skill that can be developed. How? First by starting to accept small discomforts in life. It might be something as simple as forcing yourself to park in the back of the carpark when you go to the shops, or making a small change in your diet like giving up those favorite snack foods. The great thing is that these skills transfer, so once you learn to make yourself do one thing, you can then transfer that skill to other things, like your Taekwondo training!

These two skills really do go hand in hand. In fact, really they are the same skill! Developing toughness creates growth in Taekwondo and in life.





Thinking about doing something to improve your health and get in shape?

Deciding how to do it is not an easy decision as there’s so much choice now. Maybe it’s time to break out and try something new and different – traditional Taekwondo! You’ll find it hard to find something that delivers the rewards of traditional martial art training.


The first time you step into a Taekwondo class in uniform as a new student, you begin a journey. You don’t know that of course, you’re focusing on training and learning how to carry out the stances, blocks and kicks etc, but it’s a journey of challenges, achievements, setbacks and plenty of enjoyment. Unconsciously you’ve become part of the community of Taekwondo practitioners that spans the globe, includes all demographics and is mutually supportive of one another. All students feel the same frustrations when their body doesn’t respond the way they want it to and feel proud of themselves when it does. It is a unique community of people that feels the same dedication to their individual school and instructor, and the same determination in their commitment to their training regardless of where in the world they are training.


The challenges of training push us mentally and physically, when combined with the camaraderie of shared enjoyment it’s understandable that Taekwondo practitioners experience a connection that’s missing from most other activities. As well as improving their fitness, they learn lifelong skills, such as self-control, personal discipline and a greater awareness of their body and its movements.


With this knowledge and experience, committed students gain more than can be gained from most other physical activities. In fact, it is not unusual to hear people explain that they first started training to get fit, but were amazed to discover that Taekwondo is an intricate, multi-dimensional activity, addressing all aspects of life. And that this is the reason they continued training; the appeal of a fit body becomes meaningless when not coupled with a trained mind.

It is difficult to imagine any other activity impacting individuals so holistically; Traditional Taekwondo truly is a way of life as much as a means to get fit. With core values including discipline, respect, and self-control, as well as a necessity for trust and communication, the Art allows individuals to mature and develop into confident, and thoughtful members of society.

Long-term training in traditional Taekwondo truly is a journey, one unrivalled by quick-fix workouts, and one which supports more than just physical development. The Art of Taekwondo is a journey of spirit, of mentality, and a means to a rewarding way of life.


Next time you have a few minutes to spare check these links showing a Taekwondo class in Tanzania and another in Iceland:  If you walked into either of these training halls you feel you would have a common bond and be welcomed, regardless of the language barrier.


Ready to try traditional Taekwondo for yourself? Email us at: and ask for your free 2 week trial pass. Or give us a call to ask questions and find out if it’s for you, call 07 38899551.


Looking for a new way to let off steam, want to exercise your whole body, and learn an effective martial art for self-defence?


Pacific International Taekwondo are offering you a free trial lesson so you can experience this exciting martial art in a safe and friendly environment. During your free trial lesson you’ll learn kicks, punches, and other techniques, from highly skilled instructors with over 40 years of experience.


Whether you’re a complete beginner or you have some knowledge of martial arts, and whatever your level of fitness, this is your opportunity to try out Taekwondo for free.


Great physical exercise for teenagers


As a teenager you’ll enjoy the highly charged physical activity in a controlled, non-aggressive environment.


You’ll never get bored because, unlike some sports, there are always new challenges to overcome as you progress through the coloured belts towards the coveted black belt. The regular setting and achieving of goals can also develop a mindset that creates a pattern for success in other areas of your life.


Taekwondo is a great way to burn off excess energy, enjoy healthy all-round exercise, and learn valuable self-defence skills. Plus, you’ll be welcomed into a friendly club and make new friends with similar interests.


Maybe you’ve already thought about learning martial arts? Now you can try it out, free of charge. Learn more about what happens at your first lesson at:


Training can be customised for adults of all abilities


Adults are often drawn to Taekwondo as an alternative to repetitive training in the gym or jogging. Taekwondo training builds muscle strength and improves the cardio-vascular system. It strengthens the core muscle groups, which are vital for balance, posture, and physical health especially as we get older. It’s an all-round workout that will give you real results, and it’s definitely not repetitive.


Training is customised to provide achievable, but testing, challenges for adults of all abilities. Whether you’re already super-fit and looking for a physically hard workout, or you’re less active and looking for an enjoyable way to exercise and get rid of stress, Taekwondo training could be just right for you. Try it out for free and see for yourself. You’ll find more information at:


The mind and body benefits of Taekwondo training


Taekwondo has its roots in ancient martial tradition, and has been constantly developed to reach its modern form which has ensured it remains applicable in the 21st century.


Taekwondo offers a full body workout that develops and improves muscle strength, stamina, and flexibility, leading to high levels of fitness and vitality. You will also be learning a practical form of self-defence. Your self-esteem will increase, and you’ll become modestly confident, self-assured, and able to handle life’s problems without getting stressed.


For some people Taekwondo is an exhilarating way to exercise that offers many benefits, for others it’s a life changing journey. Try it out for free and discover the benefits for yourself. You can see more information and contact us to book your free trial at:

At Pacific International Taekwondo, we’re asked lots of questions from women and girls who are thinking about starting martial art training in Brisbane. They know the benefits, they want to make it happen, but they’re unsure, and wary of getting started. They’re afraid of what might be coming their way should they train. They’re fearful of the process. Here are a few things they ask us, and themselves:


Will it be too aggressive?

Will I have to yell?

Will I be expected to do things that make me uncomfortable?

Can I be a physically powerful and still be feminine?

What if I can’t do it?

The answer to that last question is: yes, you CAN do it! You don’t have to sacrifice any of you in order to practice a martial art like Taekwondo. Girls, women, mums…you CAN learn a martial art.

Girls, women, mums….you can learn a martial art.

Taking the first step

You might think martial art training will be too difficult and intimidating and be tempted to give up before you even get started. What’s wonderful about the training is it helps you to combat all of these emotions! Those feelings of awkwardness, of inadequacy, of not belonging and of being unable to do this…they melt away with your first step into the training area.

You just need to take the first step.

Training in a martial art is an incremental practice. It starts off small, gradually building skills and confidence one upon another.  Each day brings a new accomplishment, and it’s not long before you realize you’ve climbed a mountain! What you see in the advertisements, what you see in the instructors, is the end product of a long process. You’re not going to walk in on the first day and be expected to be a black belt.

The people standing at the front of the class were beginners once as well, and they appreciate the journey that’s ahead of you.

It may sound hard to believe, but martial art training is done in a nurturing and supportive environment! Women and girls are usually amazed by how warm and welcoming a great dojo can be, and the incredible amount of support it offers to those starting out on this journey.

Practical Tips for Female Beginners

How can you make the leap? Here are some ideas for how to get started. Incidentally, these same tips work for women who are struggling to maintain their interest in martial arts or who are wanting to get back into a practice after having been away for a while.

●    Start with one lesson

Realize that you don’t have to commit to doing this forever, and just step into the training hall to try it. You’re not signing away your life, you’re just doing one class!

●    Bring a friend

Don’t go it alone, but bring a friend. Martial arts is great for mums and daughters to do together, and it’s also the perfect chance to bond with a friend. That moral support will help you to take the leap!

●    Watch a class

If you’re really feeling overwhelmed by the prospect, then just observe a class. This is a wonderfully neutral way to get started.

●    Put it on the schedule

Make an appointment with yourself to get started, then think about other things in the lead up to the actual class. Putting it on your schedule is you making a commitment to yourself, and often this is the push that women need to take the plunge.

Even if you try just one martial art class you are a giant step closer to protecting yourself just for making the effort and confronting your fears. Taking the leap into martial arts is for many women one of the best decisions that they’ve ever made, a decision to take control of their lives and to leave their fear behind them.