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Which martial art is best for self-confidence?

Many of our members say they began Taekwondo classes for confidence. This exciting martial art  has something in common with other traditional martial arts in that it’s more than just about learning how to block, kick or punch. It has some amazing benefits like improving self-confidence and changing your outlook on the world.

Here we take a closer look at how the discipline of learning a martial art can impact on other aspects of your life, including self-confidence.

Do all martial arts make you confident?

When you begin doing any martial art such as Karate, kickboxing or Taekwondo, it can seem pretty daunting. There’s so much to learn and, for many newbies, it’s different from all other kinds of fitness activities they may have tried.

Martial arts, in general, are focused on learning combat and self-defence techniques but they also get you extremely fit at the same time and give you access to a philosophy of life that helps build confidence quickly.

Why Taekwondo for confidence?

People come to our Taekwondo classes in Brisbane for a variety of reasons. Some want to get fit by doing something that is a little out of the ordinary. Some want to get into the discipline and work their way to a black belt. Others love the sense of community and learning a complex discipline that has a rich history.

Most certainly do it for fun.

While not everyone starts Taekwondo for confidence, it’s surprising the number of people we meet who have found that it is a big factor in why they continue to practice.

How does Taekwondo make you more confident?

Becoming proficient at a discipline such as Taekwondo does help develop self-confidence. Especially for kids and teens, learning how to defend yourself and build strength and agility in a supportive environment all help mould strong personalities.

For adults, as well, Taekwondo makes a difference not just to their skill and fitness levels but their outlook on life.

Confidence is about self-belief and the ability to succeed. Once you move beyond beginner classes in Taekwondo and start to develop form and take part in sparring, it’s amazing how that impacts on other parts of your life.

We’ve found kids start blossoming and they become super-confident. Adults have found it has helped not just with their personal lives but with work as well.

That’s because Taekwondo not only focuses on physical health but mental well-being too. Each person is different, of course. Some class members progress quickly and other more slowly. It really doesn’t matter as Taekwondo is an individual activity. The most important thing is to feel you are gaining life-enhancing physical and mental benefits from your training.

Taekwondo is also a great stress buster. The engagement with other people and the process of becoming more and more disciplined gives kids, teens and adults the tools to cope with modern-day life in all its forms.

We can’t dismiss the social side of attending Taekwondo lessons for confidence. You get to meet people from all walks of life and build firm friendships which are also vitally important.

Where to find Taekwondo classes in Brisbane

There are many different reasons why you should consider enrolling in Taekwondo classes in Brisbane. It’s a fun activity that is out of the ordinary, for a start. If you’re fed up with traditional sports or going down the gym and pounding the treadmill or just want to try something new, it’s a great way to get fit.

The good news is you can find plenty of Taekwondo classes in Brisbane aimed at people of all ages. These are held throughout the city usually during the week in the evenings. You can also get your first few classes free if you’ve never tried a martial art before.



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