Teaching children can be a tough job and it can also be a real joy. It’s also a real responsibility. Kids trust us because we are in an authority position and we need to validate that trust from both them and their parents, by teaching them in a strong, caring “martial art’ atmosphere. I hear the word ‘fun’ used all the time when people talk about training for kids and I must say I’m not a real fan of the F word (Fun). Enjoyment – now that’s a word I like. Watch kids at play when they are having fun, they do things without thinking; they get lost in the fun and laughter. That’s not where they need to be when training. During training, their enjoyment comes mainly from two sources, one is from the instructors praise when they have been focused on what they are doing and really try to do it correctly, and the other is when they themselves realize they are doing it well and can feel the technique working the way it’s supposed to. If an instructor uses games or bribes (medals, trophies etc.) to entice children to stay training with them, they are doing the kids a real disservice. Children need structure, encouragement and discipline… with a smile. Self discipline is the cornerstone of success in any endeavour. Without it, little gets done, with it, you can do almost anything. I’ve been teaching as a full-time instructor for forty years and have had thousands of kids (literally) pass through the organisation. Over the years I’ve seen their lives change and develop for the better and many are still with us now as instructors, some for almost thirty years. It’s all our instructors in Pacific International doing what they love to do-teach, that makes it possible. Thanks PITKD Instructors. Love my job. Master Dicks