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Experience the exciting world of Taekwondo — an engaging journey that goes beyond being just another way to work-out.  Pacific International Taekwondo in Brisbane is a unique and practical way to get fit, gain confidence and develop strong martial art skills.

Enjoy being part of a friendly community. Our experienced, fully trained instructors will guide you every step of the way – while training with like-minded class members creates a feeling of friendship and camaraderie.

Start your martial arts training today.

Our taekwondo classes stand ready to:

Taekwondo Stafford Instructor and student

What is Taekwondo?

Taekwondo is the Korean Art of self-defence

Taekwondo is the most popular form of martial arts worldwide. It literally means Art of Hand and Foot i.e. “Tae” “Kwon” “Do.”

In Korean, Tae refers to the foot being used to jump or kick, Kwon means to use the hand and Do refers to the art of the way.

Ours is so much more than just a self-defence program. As our students become proficient, they also become fitter, stronger and more confident versions of themselves.

Taekwondo Stafford Instructor and student

Your Adventure Awaits

Taekwondo is self-defence. The key word here is "self."

Prepare for an inspiring adventure into martial arts training and the appealing realm of “the self” in the form of self-defense classes.

Enjoy mastering new skills. Get ready for a new and different approach to exercise that can transform how you see yourself.

Enjoy the challenge of building your stamina, muscle tone and flexibility and developing a determined and confident mind-set.

Pacific International Taekwondo instructing team is made up of enthusiastic men and women from Masters to Senior Instructors, Assistant Instructors and Junior Assistants. Each began training as a beginner and earner his or her Black Belt, so understands how best to guide you on your martial arts journey.


With our many locations around Brisbane a perfect Pacific International Taekwondo class eagerly beckons to all who want it.

Join us now, and excite your martial arts curiosity.

jumping kick performed in brisbane taekwondo class

Become a Stronger Version of Yourself Through Time

Experience a finely tuned, fitter, new "self"

There are many reasons for choosing to try the Korean Art of Taekwondo. They all add to the quality of your life, strengthening your physical and mental well-being. They include:

These qualities are achieved through the way of learning Taekwondo’s strong skills. They unfold gradually from the day you begin training as a white belt beginner – through the 9 belt levels – to when you achieve your black belt. 

With every belt you achieve you become aware of the progress you’re making, feeling fitter, moving faster and feeling more self-assured.

Experience exhilaration as your body becomes stronger, able to deliver punches, strikes, kicks, and blocks with precision and control —all part of Taekwondo’s self-defense training.

2 x FREE Trial Taekwondo Classes

Pacific International Taekwondo’s training program is comfortable for all levels of fitness. It doesn’t matter if your fitness level is 0/10 or 10/10. You’ll find there’s a place for you and instructors ready to guide you along at your pace.

So, we invite you to experience 2 free trial classes with us (just ping us an email – or even rock up at one of our locations) and see how the Art of Taekwondo can help you find a new way to get fit, learn defense, do something different or simply take on a new and fun challenge.