Taekwondo Introduction for Adults


A Quick Guide to How Martial Art Training Brings Fitness, Confidence and Empowerment to Adults

Martial arts training builds adults confidence and increases their self-belief tremendously, not by giving them anything, but rather by showing them they are capable of anything. That’s a key message at our Pacific International Taekwondo classes for Adults, whether we’re teaching adults, adolescents or running our kids classes.

Physical Empowerment

Your body can do incredible things. For adults without martial art experience, the beginning of your training with Pacific International Taekwondo is a period of self-discovery. In just the first few weeks, you’ll have this stunning “Aha!” moment in which you realize your body is capable of things you never thought possible. 

It might be punching a bag on target, delivering your first punch and kick combination or completing your first pattern, but there is almost always a light bulb moment during which a person realizes his or her body is capable of doing martial arts.

This is why adolescents gain so much confidence and self-belief from martial art training – especially those who have struggled with school sports or team games; they learn they don’t need to ‘win’ or be a high achiever in order to feel powerful, and that they are capable of gaining a much better feeling of control in their lives.


That same level of confidence we see starting with the very first Taekwondo class also becomes evident in all other areas of life. We feel stronger and more capable because we’ve faced our fears and worked hard in the training hall, and we realize we can also face our fears outside of training!

The confidence that comes with martial art training doesn’t apply only to that activity; it shows up in the workplace, the classroom, the home, in our social life and everywhere else we go.

It gives us courage to stand up for ourselves if the need arises, it even impacts on the small things in life such as reaching out to make new friends, applying for a new job and how we appear to other people. Gaining confidence as an adult or adolescent can have a positive impact on all areas of life.

The Art of Taekwondo

At Pacific International, we teach children the art of Taekwondo.

This means they learn martial art skills beyond just ‘punching and kicking’. Learning a martial art is an all-encompassing activity that builds a strong mind as well as a strong body and includes disciplined drills, jumping techniques, and fast free sparring. Students train in a safe and controlled environment with highly experienced instructors who promote the tenets of Taekwondo: Courtesy… Integrity…Perseverance …Self-control and Indomitable Spirit with the physical skills.

Grand Master Trevor Dicks
with new 1st Dan Brad Ackfield

Grand Master Trevor Dicks with 1st Dan Brad Ackfield
taekwondo introduction for adults

The underlying principle of Taekwondo training is…

You Can Do It!


Modern martial arts use the belt ranking system for a very good reason; it allows students to set a short-term goal; to mark their progress and to find a reward for their hard work and perseverance. Getting a black belt is a longer process yet broken down into 10 steps it’s very achievable. 

By having a ladder stepped belt system, students in the martial arts can quantify the progress they know to be happening. It’s really an essential part of the empowerment that martial arts bring.

The immediate goal for each student is to learn the techniques required to attain the next belt, then mastering and testing them to achieve that grade level. 

It isn’t long before students can look back on their progress and see they’ve learned a ton of skills without even realizing they were doing it! When you stay focused on the small goal in front of you before going onto the next small goal in succession, you can climb the mountain.

In day-to-day life we learn that it is not other people who have the ability to bring our lives to where we want them to be. That power is right there within us, and martial art training teaches us how to harness that power. Therefore, it’s no exaggeration to say Taekwondo training, and your positive attitude, can change your world.

To progress from one belt to the next means constant physical improvement and carrying out pre-set techniques to a required standard. By doing this, students of all ages experience the feeling of having earned their success, rather than having it given to them with no real effort on their part. This helps to develop an awareness of being responsible for the choices they make and the outcome of those choices.

Click here to see what to expect from a Pacific International Taekwondo trial class. Try it for yourself and learn how it can help you to feel empowered, click here for the amazing offer of 4 weeks classes plus a uniform, for $49, to use at your local branch. Or call (07) 3889 9551 to chat with an instructor, ask questions and find out what you want to know.