FOUR weeks of Taekwondo Classes +


Plus you get a free uniform!
  • 4wks startup is usually $129.00 per adult
  • Uniforms cost more than this price! And yours is free.
  • Limited to 1 offer per adult & not to be used with any other deal

If you choose to continue . . .

  • Monthly fee – $80.00 (adult)
  • Monthly fee (2 family members) – $140.00
  • Monthly fee (3 family members) – $190.00
  • Monthly fee (4 family members) – $230.00
  • Uniform & white belt (not yours – yours is free, cheeky) – $45.00ea

4wks Taekwondo Classes $49

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C’moon! Get off that Lazy-boy, STAT!

THIS IS A GOOOOOOD DEAL – as little as $3 per class!!!

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Technically this amounts to 2 Taekwondo classes for an adult each week at one of our venues.  


If you are prepared to travel – check out our other venues – you can actually do 4 classes per week. That’s 8 classes for $49. Just over $6 per class. Or $3 per class if you’re cool to travel between different dojangs.


Also great for increasing flexibility for you 40+yr old men who can’t tie your shoelaces or get out of your car.

Only $49? Say, whaaaaa-?

You read that right. Just think about the weight you will lose!

We want you to experience our fantastic teachers and Taekwondo dojangs (formal training halls).

Don’t forget you get a


free uniform


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Adult Taekwondo Classes

adult taekwondo classesAdult Taekwondo Classes Help You Manage Stress. Big time!

Taekwondo Classes Men & Women

taekwondo classHave fun, let off steam and get a good night’s sleep.

How to Prepare for your 1st class

what to expect & bring