Taekwondo Introduction for Kids

Learning how to handle life

Our Taekwondo classes for kids are regular reminders that martial arts training does more than teach physical skills. Life lessons are learned and character is strengthened during our classes at Pacific International Taekwondo in Brisbane; this is great for parents who want the best for their kids but are unsure how to help them succeed. Many of our younger students are also taught the self-confidence and self-defence skills they need to cope with bullying behaviour. For all the physical benefits our Taekwondo classes offer, there’s a whole host of other advantages as well.   

Children Can:

  • Become fitter, gain energy and stamina
  • Learn to treat others with courtesy and respect
  • Learn the value of self-control and the power of cooperation
  • Gain the ability to set and achieve goals
  • Learn to persevere when faced with challenges

The Art of Taekwondo

At Pacific International, we teach children the art of Taekwondo.

This means they learn martial art skills beyond just ‘punching and kicking’. Learning a martial art is an all-encompassing activity that builds a strong mind as well as a strong body and includes disciplined drills, jumping techniques, and fast free sparring. Students train in a safe and controlled environment with highly experienced instructors who promote the tenets of Taekwondo: Courtesy… Integrity…Perseverance …Self-control and Indomitable Spirit with the physical skills.

Pacific International Taekwondo does not teach kids to fight. Instead, we teach them a full range of martial art skills using hand pads and kick shields so they become used to the idea of self-defence and being safe.

To progress from one belt to the next means constant physical improvement and carrying out pre-set techniques to a required standard. By doing this, students of all ages experience the feeling of having earned their success, rather than having it given to them with no real effort on their part. This helps to develop an awareness of being responsible for the choices they make and the outcome of those choices.

bullied child

Taekwondo: building young minds and character

Every parent wants their child to be safe and successful during their school years, and eventually move into a good career. The difficulty comes when we realise we can love our kids but we can’t control them, especially their mind-sets.

We can use different methods to try and teach children but in the end their success is a result of their efforts and actions, not ours.

hard elbow hit

It’s especially difficult as kids become adolescents and are influenced more by outsiders and social media than by their parents.

So, if we can educate our kids in a fun and enjoyable way about consequences, (Do this and that happens. Avoid doing that and this happens.) this can develop the right mind-set from an early age and act as a catalyst to achieving good things in all areas of life. That’s exactly what we try and create for each student at Pacific International Taekwondo.

Our Training Program

Boosting kids’ confidence

so that they can avoid being a target for a bully

Most bullies are created, not born. The kids who call other kids names or pick on them in some way often do it because they experienced the same intimidation. Contrary to popular belief, bullies are unusually confident. They feel they have the right to impose their will on other people, in the same manner they learned from their relatives or peers.

Bullying behaviour can have an awful impact on your child, and on you as a parent. There’s nothing worse than seeing your child’s misery as you get them ready for school, knowing they don’t want to go, and feeling helpless to do anything about it. When you ‘arm’ your kids with a self-confident attitude that enables them to speak up for themselves, they carry themselves in a way that can   prevent them being seen as a weak target for a bully. We can help instil this assertiveness and confidence.   

Taekwondo’s non-aggressive, focused on defence, and develops an awareness of personal strength that they probably lacked prior to beginning their training. With that awareness, they realise they can do something to protect themselves, so they no longer feel vulnerable and fearful. Their new confidence and assertiveness, developed during Taekwondo training for kids at Pacific International, will show bullies they’re not an easy target.