Why Choose Pacific International Taekwondo

Pacific International Taekwondo

At Pacific International Taekwondo, we never tire of seeing the look on our students’ faces when they surprise themselves!  

For the past thirty years, we have been showing people of all ages how to strengthen their principles of self-belief and instil in themselves powerful and compelling skills that will change their life.

What we do

We put together an eclectic mix of traditional-style tuition methods combined with real 21st-century style to produce a method of training that brings with it real results.

When we teach Taekwondo, we engage the mind and body so that new skills are learned and understood.  Unlike working out the gym, you are not just strengthening your body but working in sync to give a solid and lasting change to your whole psyche.  We will show you how to achieve different ‘belt’ levels, setting your sights on goals that would have before appeared to be unattainable.  Your new confidence will not only improve your physical and mental fitness but will transfer through to all essential elements of your life, such as work, study and even relationships.

Why we are different

Our classes are all small and delivered in a personalised way; our instructors and ourselves taking time and patience to show you how to perfect techniques.

We deliberately avoid competitions as we prefer to focus on the provision of realistic defence skills rather than seeing Taekwondo as a competitive sport.

We work with each student at their own pace, making the training fun but at the same time, vastly improving fitness, flexibility, muscle tone, energy levels and reducing stress and toning the body.

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Our future

Our mission is to continue to do what we do, following a road of continual improvement and spreading the art of Taekwondo throughout the area, helping people of all ages to realise that they can achieve much more than they think.  When shy and reserved children blossom and adults bring about that long-outstanding change in career, we know that it has all been made possible by their Taekwondo training.  We will continue to remove limiting self-beliefs, showing students that when they work hard and in a focused way, the future can be theirs.

See how taekwondo can make a positive difference to your life by getting in touch with us today and booking your free trial session.  We are always ready to chat, assist and support you on your journey.

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