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4 Reasons Why Taekwondo Is Perfect For Teenagers

If you want both you and your teenage kids to get through their adolescence in the healthiest and most agreeable way possible, it’s a good idea to encourage them into joining some kind of exercise program. Not something dull and boring that they’ll complain about and quit after a couple of weeks. No, it should be fun and exciting. It should demand more of them while offering new physical challenges. It should be something they can relate to and that can give them good values and lasting life-skills for adulthood… a Traditional Martial Art Program.

Traditional martial art training is among the most popular health and fitness training programs for teens available out there. Practitioners learn a variety of skills not available in most other activities, and while mainstream weight training gyms are an option, more people are moving towards fresh and resourceful ways of putting their bodies and minds in the best shape.  

There are many styles of martial arts to choose from. While they all offer great benefits, the structure and discipline behind traditional martial arts is perfect for teens. It teaches them effective defence skills balanced with self-control and personal discipline, plus it offers the stimulation and excitement that teens want, all in a friendly and non-aggressive environment. As parents, it is highly valuable to realize the influence this way of training can have on our children’s lives.

Taekwondo for teens is highly beneficial as it not only tones the body and resets the mind after the pressures of a school day, but also builds a positive outlook on life. These positive changes are paramount in helping children become the ideal human being they have the potential to become.

Let’s see what some of the most prominent reasons are behind choosing traditional martial arts such as taekwondo for teens rather than mainstream gym training programs.

It’s the perfect after-school activity

Parents become more concerned about the safety of their children as they want more independence and socialize with new friends outside of the home. This calls for immediate action that can enable your children to help themselves whenever they face a challenging situation.

We are undeniably a product of our habits and to ensure that our children develop sensible habits, it is beneficial for them to spend time in activities where they can learn how to be safe. Traditional Taekwondo can be one of the best after school activities for teens.

The classes offer a comprehensive approach in making your kids resilient and more motivated.  Taekwondo for teens is especially exciting as it improvises many skills and tactics that would empower them to become stronger and more self-confident. These include jumping and flying techniques, discipline inducing drills and stamina enhancing pad work. These are all the activities that teens will enjoy as it gives them an opportunity to unwind and reset their mind after a hectic day at school.

Learning traditional Taekwondo can provide teens with goals and motivation that enable them to be more productive with their time. They will be training towards their next Taekwondo belt while becoming fit and toned, building new confidence and learning a useful skill that will help keep them safer.

One of the concerns that parents have about martial art training is that learning those skills may lead to teens into violent behaviour. That’s why traditional martial arts is the way to go for young adults. It teaches martial arts skills in a non-aggressive, structured environment. Students don’t simply ‘’do’’ a technique, they learn, train and gradually transform both mind and body to become resilient, level-headed young adults, capable of looking after themselves, not reckless fighters.

It helps them acquire good intra-personal values

Teenagers can easily adapt to any value and habit since their minds are programmed for learning new things. So the teen years are the perfect time to introduce them to values integral for life as an adult. Traditional martial art training is not just about the physical training, when you dive deeper you see that it includes many values such as, humility, discipline, respect, courage and compassion. Learned and experienced in the martial art environment these values can have a positive impact on teens. (Discipline is a key trait that most parents agree their teens lack. Learning martial arts is an enjoyable, meaningful and results-oriented way for them to experience the value of discipline).  

It provides a good platform for a healthy social interaction

Social interaction and the feeling of belonging is important for teens. Martial arts is a fun activity to enjoy with friends as it helps in building harmony among people. Your child can learn better when practising skills in the company of people belonging to same age and interests.

Teens can train themselves to be a better human through practising martial arts regularly and incorporating it into  their daily routine. Martial arts can benefit your kids and their friends as it provides a cumulative approach to learn highly valued traits and skills through a more positive social interaction.

In addition, practising with friends becomes a highly enjoyable experience as well as a way to better stick to the routine. This ultimately makes learning a lot easier.

Martial arts have a tremendous positive influence on our lives, and it is undoubtedly a fantastic way to inculcate valued traits in our children.

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