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7 Steps To Developing Technique

Anyone who begins any form of martial art, and in our case Taekwondo, wants to be good at it.

We know there are multiple benefits to be gained from taekwondo training such as confidence, self-esteem, fitness, flexibility etc. but what about the feeling of satisfaction of learning new techniques and combinations and the exhilaration of using them during sparring – fantastic!

Knowing them is one thing… putting them to use is much more challenging.

So here are the seven steps to help you reach ‘fantastic’.

1. Be specific
2. know the components of the technique
3. Understand how it is used
4. Practice each component
5. Visualise its use.
6. Join all the components into one fluid movement
7. The secret

1. Be specific. Are you developing a single technique like a twisting kick, or a combination such as – jab, reverse punch, front kick, jumping front kick.

The difference between the two is, in single technique practice the focus is solely on execution of that technique. Whereas a combination requires not only practice of each technique but also practising the smooth and fast transition from one technique to the next.

2. Know the components. Each single technique is comprised of several parts; front snap kick for instance has four distinct main movements

  • Raise the knee with the foot shaped and pulled back
  • Snap out the foot to the target
  • Retract the foot immediately
  • Place the foot on the ground

3. Understand how the technique is used. Are you…

  • Using it as a full power finishing blow.
  • Using it as a distracting technique to enable you to deliver the real power technique next.

4. Practice each component. In a single kick the components for instance may be…

  • Raising the knee
  • Pivot and kick
  • Fast placement of the kicking foot on the ground.

5. Visualise its use. You have to see it to be able to use it, so picture in your mind how the technique     or combination will work. Then practice what you see.

6. Join all the components into one fluid movement

7. Do it and Do it and Do it until you are very, very good at doing it.

So there you have it, the seven steps you need.

Is it simple? – yes absolutely. Is it easy? – Definitely not.

There’s an old saying that runs like this… “Nothing easy is worthwhile” and although I don’t think that saying applies across the board, in this case I believe it does.

The good news is you don’t have to go it alone! That’s why you have an instructor, to help you straighten out the difficulties.

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