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Believing in Yourself – the First Secret to Success in Taekwondo

Believe in yourself- the first secret to success

Believing in yourself is easy, but it has limits. We believe we can reach the goals we set for ourselves, but only so far. We might wish we could go further but deep down inside, the perception we have of ourself doesn’t really believe we have what it takes to get past average and become exceptional. Taekwondo changes that for many people.

Most people begin Taekwondo for fitness, defense and extra confidence. They don’t expect to reach Black Belt, believing they haven’t that level of physical ability or self-confidence, – but the training looks fun and enjoyable so they decide to do it anyway.

It may be surprising but the best characteristic you can have to get yourself to Black Belt or to reach any other long-term goal, is belief in yourself. It’s better than any physical ability.

Believing in yourself in Taekwondo means focusing on your immediate goal. So, if you are doubting your potential to become a Black Belt, – don’t even think about it just yet!

Instead break your training journey from white belt to Black Belt into 10 levels (belts) and tackle them one by one. Believe you can achieve that belt in front of you right now. Focus only on that, not at the top of the staircase!

Every belt level you achieve delivers small positive changes that enable you to tackle the next step. Believe in yourself to achieve each one and practice until you do.

Having self-belief doesn’t make a goal easy to achieve, it simply means you believe you can do it. It motivates you to reach higher and achieve your full potential. If it works for Taekwondo training it works in daily life – so set your sights on your goals and go for them.


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