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Getting More Out of Life With Martial Art Training

There are so many pulls on us and for our attention…work, study, family, relationships, entertainment, social media, email, and on and on. Things to do everywhere, the ‘things’ that keep us on our toes and busy...

Martial Art Training in Brisbane Southside

There are so many pulls on us and for our attention…work, study, family, relationships, entertainment, social media, email, and on and on. Things to do everywhere, the ‘things’ that keep us on our toes and busy as bees. But what are you busy with? Are you really making a difference? If you’re like most of us you’re time poor and feeling at least a bit unfulfilled. That’s because we’re doing a lot but not feeling like we’re doing much at all.

Modern Life, 2.0

Martial arts is for many adults a key to a whole new way to see the world. It’s not about punching or kicking, martial arts has this amazing ability to bring us “into the moment,” helping us to see clearly the things that really matter. It’s not about some ancient mystic secret, but rather about a physical activity that engages the mind and the body at the same time. That’s an incredibly powerful combination.
Adults who begin martial arts often start off their training as something else that they’re checking off of their to-do list.

  • Grocery shopping, yes
  • Car service, yes.
  • Kids to soccer, yes.
  • Reply to emails, yes
  • Taekwondo class, yes.

But before long that Taekwondo class turns out to be a different thing. It transforms into something that they think about, that they look forward to. Adult students who are overstressed and overworked find themselves looking forward to this ‘to-do’ as one that they can’t wait to get to.
It’s not the self defense or the technique practice that they’re enjoying, it’s the peace and simplicity of having time set aside to focus on just this one thing. Giving your mind and your body over to just one task can be life-changing, partly because it is so very unusual in today’s world. We are almost always “multitasking,” and it’s not easy to keep that kind of focus up and rolling all the time.
Martial arts offers a powerful way to take modern life and enrich it. That doesn’t mean throwing out your smartphone, but it does mean giving yourself a complete break from it and engaging your body and mind in a wholly different way.

Reprogram Your Life

That moment to take a breath is something that everyone needs. It’s in these moments, these breaks from the hectic nature of day to day living, that we can start to change ourselves and therefore the world around us. Instead of doing a lot to get nothing done, we can do a lot and make a differences. Martial arts gives adults the chance to look at life with a new perspective. Finding a moment of quiet within yourself allows you to see life a little differently, to understand it more fully and to engage with it more effectively.
Often the most difficult part of this whole process is in understanding how to make a change, which is perhaps the most incredible thing that martial arts gives us – a framework. We learn through training that change happens in steps.
Positive change happens when we apply ourselves.
It might take

  • 1 Day…
  • 1 Week…
  • 1 Month…
  • 1 Year.

You can make a positive difference in your home, in your community and in the world. It all starts with the changes that you make in your own life. All of us are capable of taking steps forward to make life better, one step at a time. That single step builds on itself. Every black belt in martial arts will tell you that this is how progress happens, that it’s one small step at a time achieved by regular routine practise. The goal is constantly there for you to strive towards. When you reach the goal you don’t even see how it happened. That’s because in martial arts you learn to be fully focused on the ‘right here, right now’. And that’s a lesson that’s important for every part of life, even a hectic modern life! You can make a change, one step at a time.


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