4wks of Martial Arts Classes


Plus a free uniform!

  • 4wks startup is usually $89.00 per person
  • 1 offer per person
  • Not to be used with any other deal

Should you choose to continue . . .

  • Monthly fee – $49.00 (1st month)
  • Monthly fee thereafter – $80.00 (adult)
  • Monthly fee (2 family members) – $140.00 
  • Monthly fee (3 family members) – $190.00 
  • Monthly fee (4 family members) – $230.00 
  • Uniform & white belt – $45.00

4wks Martial Arts Classes $49

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Learn Self-defense & get fit

Technically this deal amounts to 2 martial arts classes each week at one of our venues. If you are prepared to travel a bit, you can also train at our other venues and do 4 classes per week.

That’s 8 classes for $49. About $6 per class! Under $3 a class if you ping-pong between dojangs.

I’m sorry, whaaaaaa-t?

Yup. $49. It’s not a joke.

Plus we actually don’t mind where you train – we want you to experience our fantastic Martial Arts teachers who specialise in Taekwondo.

Get fit, be active, lose weight, learn more about your body and centre yourself . . . & gain confidence.

Adult Martial Arts Classes

adult taekwondo classesAdult Taekwondo Classes Help You Manage Stress. Big time!

Kids Martial Arts Classes

girl-kicking-boy-taekwondoKids have fun, let off steam and sleep soundly.

How to Prepare for your 1st Martial Arts Class

What to expect & bring to your first Martial Arts Class