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Martial Arts Animation


Martial arts animation, also known as Martial arts anime, are animations that comprise martial arts as a prominent feature of the narrative. They are based on a story that significantly displays martial arts as armed or unarmed combat.

What is animation?

Animation is the projection of static frames in a fast manner. Each frame has a small change in the position of the objects and when all the frames are displayed in a fast manner, then it appears that the objects are moving. Essentially each frame is a picture and because the pictures appear to be moving, this result is termed as a “motion picture”, also commonly known as a movie.

StudioBinder video “The History of Animation — Types of Animation Styles Explained [Shot List Ep. 14]”:

Bloop Animation video “The 5 Types of Animation”:

Although a movie is an animated representation of pictures, where the roles are played by humans; nonetheless, the genre “animation” specifically refers to a motion picture where the roles are not played by humans. Rather, the characters for the roles are sketched, drawn, made from different materials, superimposed, or generated by a computer software.

CGMeetup video “**Award Winning** CGI 3D Animated Short Film “Le Gouffre” by Lightning Boy Studio | CGMeetup”:

Why animate martial arts?

Martial arts are animated for several reasons. Few reasons are given below.

Display of different martial arts

Animations can show different martial art techniques from different styles of martial arts.

Marchall Artz video “Karate White Belt V.S. Black Belt ( Finals Fight )”:

latest movies thriller and full movies with Fred video “animated action movie”:

Drama and conflict

Drama consists of conflict and martial arts being fighting arts, can show conflict very easily and thereby, also be more dramatic.

noisydope1138 video “Sword Of The Stranger – Final battle”:

Technically more perfect

It takes several years to achieve a high degree of perfection in any martial art, and finding such a master is difficult. However, in animation, any technique can be shown with an exceptionally high degree of perfection. Since no human being is performing the technique, rather the performing character is either drawn, or made by computer software, any attacking or defensive technique is technically accurate. Some techniques that seem almost impossible for a human being to perform, can be performed very easily by a character in an animation.

Rotten Tomatoes Family video “Kung Fu Panda – Kung Fu Training | Fandango Family”:

Realism can be somewhat achieved

With the fast pace of technological advancement, it is now possible to show animations with a high degree of realism. Thus, any notable or legendary martial artist, dead or alive, can be incorporated in an animation storyline.

TheCGBros video “CGI 3D Animated Short “A Warrior”s Dream” Directed & Created by Li Jin | TheCGBros”:

Imaginative stories can be told

Animations support creative imagination. Stories may feature characters from the past, present, future, or even aliens, with fantastic unique locations and backdrops. With animation, any story that can be imagined, can be told.

Psyhicx video “DreamWorks really upped the ante…”:

Snivito video “Naruto shippuden movie 1 English dub”:

Angry Biracial’s Animated Stories video “Fist of the North Star (full video)”:

Can be entertaining

Since any imagination can be animated, the entertainment quotient improves considerably.

Nekota Ginpachi video “Hajime No Ippo – Ippo Vs Sendo II”:

craftsman091 video “Kenichi’s Best Fight”:

Reduces overall production time

With martial arts as a major element in the animation, the storyline can feature several fights, which can reduce the time for the overall production, as the same technical team can be assigned to animate all the fight sequences.

Maxim Abramov video “Making Naruto the Movie 1 [Inside the Animation Studio]”:

How animations benefit martial arts

Animations benefit martial arts in several ways of which few are listed below.

Animations can become effective training videos

MrTeacher video “Human Weapon – Muay Thai”:

Netflix Anime video “Jun trains Jin in Kazama-Style Traditional Martial Arts | Tekken: Bloodline | Netflix Anime”:

Animations can show self-defense techniques of martial arts

Zimaut Animation video “A Dog Fight Animation (i mean dirty fight, maybe)”:

Animations can inspire martial artists

Mingo | Naruto Mobile video “”Be Water, My Friend.” – Bruce Lee x Rock Lee (Jeet Kune Do Master) CGI Animation | Naruto Mobile”:

Animations can help to promote martial arts


AI (artificial intelligence) animations can create new attacking and defensive moves

Two Minute Papers video “This AI Learned Some Crazy Fighting Moves! 🥊”:


Animations have a long history and the future with AI animations looks promising. Martial arts will continue to be a prominent feature in martial arts animations and with more advanced technology, greater heights of martial arts techniques, movements, training, education and entertainment might be attained in the future.


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