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The Seven Annoying Habits of a Martial Art Fanatic

The Seven Annoying Habits of  a Martial Art Fanatic.

I know it may seem strange but after forty plus years training and teaching in martial arts I still can’t get my head around the fact that there are people out there who are oblivious to the martial arts fanaticism that takes up the majority of thinking and doing time of martial art fanatics. I have kept the list short but there are many more.

Here we go…

1. Having to train even when you’re injured.
You just can’t help yourself. You promise yourself that you will take it nice and slow and stop when it becomes painful. However, after five minutes easy training all is going well so you push a little harder and then a bit more and a bit more then… bang!!! you feel the muscle tear or whatever else happens that sets you back another week, then the self-recriminations… why do I always push too hard… why am I so stupid about training… why didn’t my wife/husband/partner stop me etc…

2. Mentally going through pattern movements while you are travelling on public transport.
People looking at you when on public transport have no idea that you are mentally in the throes of attack and defence – block, strike, dodge kick, cover distance kick and jump kick…

3. Sizing-up members of the public as potential threats and working out how to deal with them.
Big guy that one…step back and to the side, right inner block and back-fist strike followed by mid sidekick…

4. Annoying others by constantly hitting your knuckles against objects for toughening.

5. Practicing combination movements at home while family members are trying to watch TV.
“Will you stop that and get out of the damn way!!!”

6. Practicing breathing techniques at the dinner table 
and nearly choking to death in the process

7. Always assuming everyone is super interested in learning about any aspect of training.
This is a “No-brainer” everyone is obviously interested in any and all, aspects of training!!!

( JT Dicks)


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