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Thinking about doing something to improve your health and get in shape?
Deciding how to do it is not an easy decision as there’s so much choice now. Maybe it’s time to break out and try something new and different – traditional Taekwondo! You’ll find it hard to find something that delivers the rewards of traditional martial art training.
The first time you step into a Taekwondo class in uniform as a new student, you begin a journey. You don’t know that of course, you’re focusing on training and learning how to carry out the stances, blocks and kicks etc, but it’s a journey of challenges, achievements, setbacks and plenty of enjoyment. Unconsciously you’ve become part of the community of Taekwondo practitioners that spans the globe, includes all demographics and is mutually supportive of one another. All students feel the same frustrations when their body doesn’t respond the way they want it to and feel proud of themselves when it does. It is a unique community of people that feels the same dedication to their individual school and instructor, and the same determination in their commitment to their training regardless of where in the world they are training.
The challenges of training push us mentally and physically, when combined with the camaraderie of shared enjoyment it’s understandable that Taekwondo practitioners experience a connection that’s missing from most other activities. As well as improving their fitness, they learn lifelong skills, such as self-control, personal discipline and a greater awareness of their body and its movements.
With this knowledge and experience, committed students gain more than can be gained from most other physical activities. In fact, it is not unusual to hear people explain that they first started training to get fit, but were amazed to discover that Taekwondo is an intricate, multi-dimensional activity, addressing all aspects of life. And that this is the reason they continued training; the appeal of a fit body becomes meaningless when not coupled with a trained mind.
It is difficult to imagine any other activity impacting individuals so holistically; Traditional Taekwondo truly is a way of life as much as a means to get fit. With core values including discipline, respect, and self-control, as well as a necessity for trust and communication, the Art allows individuals to mature and develop into confident, and thoughtful members of society.
Long-term training in traditional Taekwondo truly is a journey, one unrivalled by quick-fix workouts, and one which supports more than just physical development. The Art of Taekwondo is a journey of spirit, of mentality, and a means to a rewarding way of life.
Next time you have a few minutes to spare check these links showing a Taekwondo class in Tanzania and another in Iceland: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQRAHjXRheQ
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZ4oV_EY0mg  If you walked into either of these training halls you feel you would have a common bond and be welcomed, regardless of the language barrier.
Ready to try traditional Taekwondo for yourself? Email us at: enquiry@pitkd.com and ask for your free 2 week trial pass. Or give us a call to ask questions and find out if it’s for you, call 07 38899551.

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