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Warm-up and Cool-down in Taekwondo

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For training to be effective, the body needs to be prepared before and after training. Preparing the body before training is termed as “warm-up” or “warming-up”, while preparing the body after training is termed as “cool-down” or “cooling-down”, or “warm-down” or “warming-down”.

Why warm-up and cool-down?

The purpose of warming-up is to prepare the body, physiologically and psychologically, to effectively make the body undertake the chosen activity.

The purpose of cooling-down is to prepare the body, physiologically and psychologically, to effectively make the body return to its normal state.

GBTaekwondo video “How to warm up and cool down for Taekwondo”:

Warming-up results in increasing the heart rate, which increases the body temperature. Increased body temperature results in delivering more oxygen and better blood flow to muscles and other tissues. It increases enzymatic activity that enhances energy production and reduction in fatigue. The sensitivity of the nerve receptors is improved that neurologically prepares the body for training. It also makes the athlete prepare psychologically for a training session or a competition.

Taweesilp Taekwondo Thailand video “Taekwondo warm up”:

Cooling-down results in decreasing the heart rate, which decreases the body temperature. Decreased body temperature enables the body to return to its normal resting state in a gradual way.

Tohkon Judo Academy video “Tohkon Judo Academy – Cool Down Exercises”:

Warm-up and Cool-down exercises

Warm-up and cool-down exercises include light physical activity suitable to the chosen sport. Generally, warm-up is focused on intensity-increasing activity coupled with dynamic stretching, while cool-down is focused on intensity-reducing activity coupled with static stretching.

healthforhelp video “Dynamic Warm Up & Static Cool Down.mov”

Warm-up exercises may include walking up and down stairs, fast-paced walking, fast-paced side stepping, arm swings, squats, lunges, jogging on the spot, frog jumps, Pilates, push-ups, etc. The intensity of the exercises is increased gradually.

Taekwon-Do ITF and Bodybuilding video “TAEKWON-DO WARM-UP”:

Cool-down exercises are generally the same exercises as the warm-up exercises but with reduced intensity. For example, after running, one may jog; after jogging; one may walk; after walking, one may sit and rest. The intensity of the exercises is decreased gradually.

Nora TKD video “10 min Full Body Cooldown Routine for Martial Artists | Stretches for Recovery & Flexibility”:


Warming-up and cooling-down is important for Taekwondo or for any martial art / sport. In warming-up, the intensity of activity is gradually increased; while in cooling-down, the intensity of activity is gradually decreased.



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