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Welcoming 2023 with Well-Being

learn how to meditate

learn how to meditate

Well-being is overall wellness. Generally, it signifies how a person feels, or how satisfied is the person, or how worthwhile are the objective or subjective actions of the person.

The Civic Research Initiative video “What is well-being?”:

Theories of well-being

Several theories of well-being have been put forward and there is no conclusive theory; nonetheless, the major theories may be classified as hedonistic theories, desire theories, and objective list theories.

—Hedonistic theories focus upon experiencing pleasure and avoiding pain to foster well-being.
—Desire theories argue that satisfaction of desires leads to well-being. A higher number of satisfied desires leads to higher well-being.
—Objective list theories state that a variety of objective goods determine well-being.

Serious Science video “Theories of Well-Being — Daniel Hausman”:

Positive psychology and PERMA™

Positive psychology is the scientific study of what makes life most worth living, focusing on both individual and societal well-being. It focuses on “Eudaimonia” (a Greek word meaning a state or condition of “good spirit”), which is generally considered as a major factor in the pursuit of a good life, happiness, quality of life, and well-being.

Test Prep Gurus (Newport Beach) video “What is Positive Psychology?”:

Psychology Now video “Martin Seligman on Positive Psychology”:

Dr. Martin Seligman has proposed a PERMA™ model of well-being, which includes Positive emotion, Engagement/Flow, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment.

Oregon State University Ecampus video “Beyond Happiness: Flourishing-PERMA model”

Building well-being

Well-being impacts in a positive way and is important to live a fulfilling life. Psychologists have put forth their own theories, experiences, and ideas about how to build well-being.

Sanctuary video “The Five Ways to Wellbeing – boosting mental wellbeing”:

TEDx Talks video “How to Build Your Well-Being to Thrive | Dr. Beth Cabrera | TEDxGeorgeMasonU”:

Few actions that enhance overall well-being

1. Take care of the body. Anything and everything that a human being does in life is only through the human body. Eating a balanced diet of nutritious food, exercising to maintain a healthy body and getting enough sleep is known to increase well-being.

2. Give time to family and friends. More than money, occupation, or health, it is researched that relationships are most satisfying. Cultivating strong personal relationships, and spending more time with loved ones, leads to greater well-being.

3. Be kind to others. Kindness is generously offering illuminating thoughts, peaceful words, and exemplary deeds. Helping the needy, or inviting an elderly neighbour to supper, or allowing the harried mom to go ahead in the checkout line, are acts of kindness that help to maintain well-being.

4. Savour the small joys of life. Life gives several small pleasures. The warmth of soft sunlight on a cold day, holding hands while walking, letting the feet become wet with cool rippling waves on a moonlit beach, seeing a child’s first steps, tucking away kids in bed at night, cooking a new recipe, and many such small pleasures add up to a state of well-being.

5. Learn to forgive parents. Every child has witnessed parental limitations, rejections, selfishness, character flaws, misdeeds, and sometimes even brutality. Putting oneself in their circumstances and seeing their points of view at those times, can help to heal childhood wounds. Stopping to live in the past, growing up emotionally, embracing and bringing parents once more in the heart, with love and compassion, can enhance well-being.

6. Show gratitude. Thank everyone who has ever helped in any of the crossroads of life. Express appreciation and thank them today, so that tomorrow there is no regret, for life is fragile.

7. Be a life-long learner. Learning new skills, or new ways of looking at the same thing, keeps the body active and alive. There is no end to knowledge and there is no end to learning. But rather than the end, the journey of learning is more satisfying and this brings a greater state of well-being.

8. Become strong in all aspects. Hard times will come and one has to meet them, greet them, and beat them. For this, one has to become strong physically, mentally, spiritually, economically, socially, and more. Becoming strong in all aspects improves well-being.

SAMHSA video “The Eight Dimensions of Wellness”:

Well-being and martial arts

Martial arts are practiced by children and the elderly, as well as everyone in-between, all around the world. This wide-spread diversity and inclusivity attests that martial arts is highly beneficial and important for a person’s well-being.

Pacific International Taekwondo video “The Traditional Martial Art for Teens and adults”:

Martial arts promotes well-being in various ways, e.g. increasing physical fitness, confidence, flexibility, mental awareness, reduction of stress levels, promoting a feeling of being a part of a martial arts community, greater self-discipline, meeting new people, having a network of support, and overall improvement in other areas of day-to-day living. Martial arts does not only teach techniques of self-defence, but also teaches personal well-being by numerous practices of self-cultivation, which are embodied in the tenets and philosophy of the martial art. For example, in Taekwon-Do the tenets of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit are followed by every sincere student, as well as the philosophy and moral culture in Taekwon-Do, which all together enhance the well-being of the martial artist.

Pacific International Taekwondo video “What these kids did was AMAZING…”:

A study by Lloyd & Fuller (2020) found that martial arts increased general health, posture, general diet, sleep patterns, level of exercise, level of concentration, focus, balance, flexibility, discipline, level of rest and relaxation, along with an avoidance/decrease in the consumption of nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, and sugar. The impact on everyday life activities was reflected in improved sleep, greater capacity to face problems, increased confidence in making decisions, enhanced ability to manage stress and strain, and a greater feeling of being reasonably happy. Martial arts helps to promote well-being.


Well-being is a state of living that can be cultivated, in order to live an enjoyable, satisfying and a fulfilling life. Let us welcome the new year 2023 with well-being. Let us in 2023 become a stronger, fitter, and a better version of ourselves, in every way.


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