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Which is the best martial art for street fighting?

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A fight is always unpredictable, and no martial art of the world can give a guarantee on surviving a fight. So, there is no best martial art for street fighting.

Nonetheless, the answer is normally found by comparing the combat worthiness of different martial arts, based on the scenario of a person who is on the street and is attacked by one or multiple armed or unarmed attackers. Additionally, unique styles and techniques are also invented by bodyguards, or bouncers, or whosoever claiming to have experienced a single or more fights on the street.

A common thread in such comparisons, tips, suggestions, tactics, and techniques of what works and does not work in a street fight, essentially weaves a cloth of violence by threading that conflict has to be resolved with more conflict. The idea that violence is resolved with more violence, is always the very last option in each and every martial art, traditional or non-traditional, of the entire world.

What is of supreme importance in every martial art, is the art of surviving in peace and harmony with oneself and with others. Upon seeing a fight brewing up, it is better to simply leave the place, without arguing who is right or wrong. Avoiding a fight is always the first and usually the best option.

Common characteristics of a street fight

1. There are no rules. It is not choreographed as seen in movies. It is absolute chaos that mixes punching, kicking, biting, scratching, screaming, abusing, and throwing things.

ferhan saeed video “Fight in Belfast Uk busy takeaway”:

2. There are no winners or losers. It starts with some argument and ends in persons landing in a hospital or in a jail.

NBC News video “Watch: Video shows brawl erupt on Alabama riverfront”:

3. The duration of the conflict varies from few seconds to few minutes.

Ultimate Martial video “Street Thugs EXPOSED by REAL FIGHTERS 1”:

4. Both sides consider themselves to be right and the other to be wrong. Hence, arguments only escalate the conflict.

@cursorgemink video “blud trying fight a soldier đź’€ | troll face meme (credit: to @banggaluh,”:

5. The feeling of aggression is high on both sides and whoever is more aggressive is generally the one who attacks the most.

@AA58 video “Chinese kung fu, actual street fighting, please do not imitate dangerous moves.”:

6. The attacker is generally not alone. His friends are usually nearby.

RaymondChieng video “Real fighter vs 4 guys”:

7. The friends of the attacker also soon join in the fight, with or without weapons.

A&E video “Man Fights Off Armed Home Invader to Protect FiancĂ© | I Survived a Crime | A&E”:

8. Throwing nearby objects like chairs, stools, stones, or smashing the head to a wall, attacking the head from behind with a bottle, etc. are normally undertaken.

FOX 32 Chicago video “Chicago black belt takes down man who allegedly punched 7-Eleven clerk”:

9. Generally, the first strike is a punch, which is immediately followed by a barrage of punches.

Inside Edition video “Mugger Doesn’t Know What’s Coming When Victim Fights Back”:

10. Normally, a fight is in close range, so quick short punches, or knee/ elbow strikes, or knife-hand/ palm/ finger strikes and other close-range strikes are employed. The areas generally targeted are the head and the face.

ABC7 video “Marine veteran fights off robbers who followed him home”:

11. If a person falls on the ground, he tries to get up quickly, but it may not be easy, as everyone simply jumps on him and goes on punching in a berserk manner.

TODAYonline video “Woman swears at flight crew, throws bottle at passenger”:

12. Usually, all fights end on the ground and so grappling techniques like chokes and joint locks are employed. However, generally the persons involved are not trained, and so the person on top simply pounds the person below with a flurry of punches, while his friends who are standing go on kicking the person’s body.

@onebahl video “london train fight #shorts #reels #railway”:

13. Hitting first provides a first mover advantage. However, if the hit misses the target, or is successfully evaded, then that advantage of surprise and shock is lost.

Ultimate Martial video “When Stupid Fighters Fight One-On-One With Pro”:

14. A trained martial artist certainly has an advantage; however, training is not a guarantee, as any fight, in the ring or on the street, is totally unpredictable.

TLP video “Pro Fighters vs Street Thugs | Reality Check for Cocky Fighters”:

15. In all street fights, running away is a very good decision. However, without daily running practice, a person may soon lose out on stamina and stop while panting for breath.

@InsideEdition video “Dad Holding Baby Fights Off Gunman #shorts”:


Fights rely on circumstances, and circumstances rely on time, place, person, and things. Avoid such times, places, persons, and things where fights are known to take place or likely to take place. Always avoid fights; however, there may be circumstances when fighting is a necessity. At such times, training received in a martial arts school indeed proves to be invaluable.

Investigation Discovery video “16-Year-Old Wrestling Champ Stops Attempted Kidnapping | Crimes Gone Viral | ID”:


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