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Why kid’s martial arts training is so important

What is Martial arts?

The term ‘’Martial arts’’ encompasses various activities based on self-defence and counter-attacking techniques. The most important thing to know about taking part in these activities is that no matter what age or gender the participant is, everyone has the ability to succeed.

Kids martial arts classes are a popular choice of parents looking for a new activity for their children, and it’s easy to see why.  Apart from the obvious physical fitness rewards, martial arts can deliver many personal development benefits too.

Why is kids martial arts training so beneficial for my child?

Martial arts training is a productive and helpful activity at any age; however, it is particularly important for kids as it helps to develop and instill valuable life skills. These include:

Self-control and personal discipline

 The first thing that children are taught in a martial arts classes is to control their actions. They are taught to remain calm and centred even when they would normally react differently. This is one of the main reason that parents find it beneficial to take their kids to classes. They are instructed to always remain internally relaxed while following through with the movements. This means that even though the movements are fast, sharp and may come across assertively the children will be calm inside. Self-control and personal discipline are two of the most important parts of being able to perform martial arts to a high standard.

Fitness and defence

 Kids martial arts training classes are first-rate when it comes to the fitness level required. Children learn to use both physical strength and mental focus throughout the session which sounds demanding but is part of the appeal of kids martial arts training. They leave the class feeling physically weary but with a huge sense of achievement.

One of the best things about martial arts classes is that students from all levels of fitness and experience can train together in a class situation.  Training includes much more than students practising one on one attack and defence training. This means that the fitness levels of the participants can be different as they can work on their personal performance and improve their own levels of fitness and ability at different rates.

Parents find it a very rewarding way for kids to exercise, not only for the obvious benefits of improved flexibility, muscle tone and fitness, but because they recognise their children are being taught extremely valuable self-defence skills.

 Confidence and enjoyment

Kids martial arts training is a great confidence booster for shy and anxious children.

One of the most important aspects of training is that children recognise that when they follow the instruction correctly, they can achieve great things, and they will be rewarded for their achievement. The belt colours are a mark of achievement in kids martial arts training, they show a child’s progress on the way to junior black belt. They are taught that the belt colour is not important, it’s the gaining of new knowledge and ability that matters, so each belt is earned by a child’s effort. This gives them a sense of confidence knowing that they are in control.

If you are looking for kids martial arts training Brisbane, then check out our website and search for a club near you. There are so many amazing benefits of kid’s martial arts that  allow children to develop and grow whilst enjoying themselves.


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