You Can Do It! Martial Arts Brings Empowerment


Martial arts is about building people up, not by giving them anything but rather by showing them that they are capable of anything.


Physical Empowerment

Your body can do incredible things. For people who train in martial arts, the beginning of training is always a period of self discovery. In just the first few weeks of lessons, most people have this stunning “aha!” moment in which they realize that their bodies are capable of things that they never thought possible. It might be punching a bag on target or completing their first pattern, but whatever it is there is almost always a revelatory moment early on in which a person realizes that their bodies are capable of martial arts. This is a big reason that martial arts is so great for children who have struggled with poor behaviour – they learn that they don’t need to misbehave in order to feel powerful, that they are capable of getting a much better feeling of control in their lives through martial arts training.



That same level of confidence that we see starting with the very first martial arts class comes all the way through to confidence in all areas of life. We feel stronger and more capable because we’ve faced our fears and worked hard in the training hall, and then we suddenly realize that we can also face our fears outside of training! The confidence that comes with martial arts training doesn’t apply only to that activity, it pours out into the workplace, the classroom, the home and everywhere else that we go.



There’s a reason that modern martial arts systems use the belt ranking system – it allows students to see their progress and to find a reward for their hard work and perseverance. Getting a black belt is a long process, and it’s not even the real goal of martial arts (there is SO much training, growth and reward on the other side of the black belt!). By having a ladder stepped belt system, students in the martial arts are able to quantify the progress that they know to be happening. It’s really an essential part of the empowerment that martial arts brings.


The immediate goal becomes to learn the techniques for the next belt, focusing in on certain techniques and skills, then mastering them and testing to achieve that grade level. It isn’t long before students can look back on their progress and suddenly realize that they’ve learned a ton of skills without even realizing they were doing it! When you stay focused on the small goal in front of you, going onto the next small goal in succession, you can climb the mountain.


In the quest for self improvement, really for personal happiness, we learn that it is not other people who have the ability to bring our lives to where we want them to be, the power is right there within us. Martial arts teaches us how to harness that power.



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