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4 Surprising Lessons You Can Gain from Taekwondo for Adults Classes

People have many different reasons for taking up Taekwondo. Some do it to get fit and lose weight. Others do it to learn how to defend themselves and build their confidence. Some do it to learn stickability and self-discipline. The great thing about Taekwondo for adults is that from the day you start training it begins teaching you life lessons that can enrich every aspect of your life, from day to day working or studying to your relationships and even for future personal goals.

Whatever their initial reason, many practitioners find that Taekwondo for adults changes them both physically and mentally in unexpected ways. If it has changed them for the better, it could do the same for you! Let’s explore some of the more surprising lessons you will learn in Taekwondo training hall.

1. Your Brain is Stronger Than your Body

Make no mistake, Taekwondo for adults is challenging both physically and mentally. It will work your entire body – your arms, legs, midsection, and your mind. There will be times when it feels like it is too difficult and all you want to do is give up.

But you won’t. You will push through and come out the other side and be stronger for doing so. You will soon come to understand what people mean when they say ‘mind over matter’. This ‘true grit’ can seep into life outside the training hall, and help you push through whatever challenges life may throw at you.

2. Your Physical Capabilities

Taekwondo for adults will teach you what your physical capabilities truly are. Breaking boards will show you just how hard you can strike, whilst jumping kicks will show you just how agile and athletic you can be. You may find you are stronger than you know. And if you commit to training regularly your capabilities will only increase over time. You will find your body changes for the better and training sessions will start to feel physically easier. Of course, once training starts feeling easy it is time to turn it up a notch and reach the next level.

3. You Never Stop Learning

Practice, practice practice! Regular training will consist of repeating techniques over and over until you can perform them without thinking. That’s why Taekwondo for adults is so effective for self defense. The instilled defensive counter attacks react when you need them. You will be learning and improving all the time. Even if you do not realise it, others will! Your techniques will become crisper, your instincts more perceptive and your reflexes lightening quick.  This learning and development never stops. Even grand masters will strive to improve their skills. Indeed, the best masters are those that remember that sometimes they too are a student. This humble humility is something else Taekwondo  will teach you.

4. With Power Comes Responsibility

Someone once said “With great power comes great responsibility.” Taekwondo for adults will not have you swinging between skyscrapers, but it will teach you how to look after yourself. With this knowledge comes the responsibility to defend both yourself and those around you. Fighting should always be the last resort of course, and it is your responsibility to use your Taekwondo abilities responsibly, and only when it is appropriate.

You are also responsible for your own training. It is your responsibility to turn up, pay attention and train hard. It is your responsibility to keep your uniform clean and your fingernails trimmed. It is your responsibility to live healthily and be the best version of you that you can be. Regular practitioners of Taekwondo for adults often find this self-discipline leaks into other areas of their life, changing their life for the better.

Do these sound like the lessons you would like to learn first-hand? If so, please come join us at Pacific International Taekwondo Brisbane, all are welcome. Take a look at our kids, teens and adult classes timetables to discover your first lesson, we are looking forward to meeting you.


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