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Taekwondo in Your 30’s

Taekwondo for Adults – 3 Reasons to Start In Your 30’s

When people conjure up images of martial arts Brisbane classes, they may default to kids learning karate after school, or super-fit professional looking fighter types attempting to recreate movie fight scenes. However, Taekwondo for adults falls outside either of those two stereotypes, it presents a fun, accessible, and different opportunity to improve fitness beyond your 30th birthday, – and maybe go on to achieve a unique goal.

Instead of looking at 30 with a sense of dread and a mistaken belief that your most athletic years are behind you, open your mind to new experiences. These three reasons to start Taekwondo in your 30’s should make the decision simple.

Get a Great Physical Workout

Taekwondo for adults is an active and energetic way to fitness that you can make your own. It offers a great balance of cardio workout that gets your heart rate up in a controllable manner and purposeful technique training that builds your mental focus. Also, it offers flexibility and strength training possibilities as well. This full-body workout strengthens your arms, legs, and important core muscles.

These are the ones that will keep you walking tall as you reach your golden years. One of the best things about the best type of martial arts Brisbane has to offer is the instruction. This is so much more than a fitness class, your instructor is there to teach you how to carry out every movement and help you overcome every challenge.

Boost Brain Power Through Skill Learning

The simple act of exercising can feed your brain and improve mental clarity and focus.[i] The process of learning a new way of being active and focusing on the unique kicks, blocks and strikes can actually make brain cells grow. Things like eye-hand coordination, reflex time, and planning strategic approaches to counter your opponent keeps your mind agile at any age.

Classes Help Your Social Life, Too

After the school years are done and your life revolves mostly around your career and family, making friends not associated with either of those things presents a challenge for many adults. Joining a Taekwondo for adults class gives you the opportunity to make new acquaintances over a shared interest. Classes become like teams that all work and train together for shared goals. Things like weight-lifting at the gym or spinning classes do not have this type of interaction that fosters bonds.

A dose of friendly competition, support, and the boost of confidence you get from accomplishing every new technique helps you forge friendships, improve your own self-esteem, and help you destress from the tough stuff in life. All of these things help your mental and emotional state considerably in your 30’s or at any age.

Throw away your preconceived notions of martial arts in movies or the idea that only kids take karate. Taekwondo for adults offers people in their 30’s a great opportunity to improve their lives in three amazing ways. Boost your fitness level, health, flexibility and strength to carry you into middle age. Exercise your brain power, improve focus, and build new neural pathways. Alleviate stress, network, and make new friends that improve your quality of life in these adult years.

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[i] https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/regular-exercise-changes-brain-improve-memory-thinking-skills-201404097110


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