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How Pacific International Taekwondo can change the way you think about exercise

Do any of these statements sound like you?

“I’d like to be fit but going to the gym is sooo boring.”

“I’ve tried running, but the weather is so hot.”

“I used to go dancing, but it felt a bit pointless after a while.”

“I have tried the gym, but I always lose motivation after a month or two.”

“I’m looking for something that will exercise my mind as well as my body.”

“I look at workout programs and there are so many aspects to them that I lose track.”

If any of them do, then you are not alone, many people feel this way. The biggest barrier to exercise for many is that doing it is a painful chore. They would be far more motivated to exercise if they actually enjoyed doing it.

This is where Taekwondo comes in. Unlike most exercise options, many people find Taekwondo is actually exciting and enjoyable to do. Getting fit whilst learning a practical skill and enjoying a new challenge doing it!

Training at a Taekwondo club has the social aspects of a team sport but is still focused on self-improvement as an individual. For many practitioners, this is the perfect middle ground between the camaraderie of team sports and the individual achievement of solo training. Training is always done inside too, so the weather is never a problem.

Taekwondo is, of course, a martial art. The term ‘martial art’ comes from the Latin and means ‘The arts of Mars’, Mars being the Roman God of War. Therefore, Taekwondo will teach you how to look after yourself, an important skill to have these days when it comes to protecting yourself and others. But martial arts also teach responsibility, discipline and self-control so you will learn how to restrain yourself, and only use your skills when it is truly necessary. This combination of capability and self-control is fantastic for increasing self-esteem and building confidence, which can positively impact your life outside of the training hall.

Unlike most forms of exercise, Taekwondo has a clear system of progressions through its grading system. The pride and sense of accomplishment you get when you pass your first grading is intoxicating, and the thirst to experience it again will keep you motivated to keep training month after month, year after year.

But passing a grading is as much a mental exercise as it is a physical one, especially when it comes to memorising ‘patterns’, the prearranged sequences of Taekwondo techniques designed to both clear and focus the mind. Many find this is as good for their mental well-being as it is their physical.

Speaking of physical, martial arts, and the highly dynamic Taekwondo in particular, are a fantastic form of whole-body training, that will build muscular strength, muscular endurance, balance, flexibility and both aerobic and anaerobic fitness. Therefore regular training will ‘tick all your fitness boxes’.

Does Taekwondo sound right for you?

Pacific International Taekwondo has classes in 13 locations in Brisbane and Nambour. The school offers free introductory sessions to help you find out if Taekwondo is for you. Reach out to your local branch to find out more….call: 0414252255 or email: enquiry@pitkd.com for more information.


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