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How Taekwondo Connects Your Mind and Body

Taekwondo Training – Lasting Results

Most adults begin Taekwondo training for the fitness benefits hoping it will be more engaging and absorbing than going to the gym or playing a sport, and it is, men and Teens get strength building comparable to a gym workout, and agility and flexibility that exceeds most other activities.

Pacific International Taekwondo, knee kick
Practicing knee kicks with pads

Taekwondo training develops your cardio-vascular system in a stimulating and inspiring way that makes sense.
But, there is a lot more to be gained from traditional Taekwondo than just exercise.

Taekwondo training develops life skills

Taekwondo, with its long history of traditional mind and body development, can instill life changing attitudes and teach valuable life skills that benefit both kids and adults in their personal life outside of training.

Whether it is learning how to find your own way to overcome problems, achieving goals, or understanding the value of hard work, martial arts gives men women and kids a lot more than simply physical exercise.

if you want to move away from boring gym workouts and mind numbing long runs, give Taekwondo a try. You’ll achieve peak all round physical fitness, enjoy stimulating and challenging training sessions, and develop important life skills that will benefit you in so many ways.

Here are some examples of just a few of the benefits you can gain from Taekwondo training.

Perseverance – Tenacity – Resilience  

People want to achieve goals, become fitter, richer, slimmer, and learn new skills, but many give up at the first challenge. This is why gym memberships are used only once, and second-hand shops are full of almost new musical instruments, keep-fit equipment, and a range of other goods that could yield highly satisfying results if only the user had learnt perseverance, tenacity, and resilience.

Taekwondo training is a succession of challenges that stretch men women and kids physically and mentally  and teaches them to face challenges and develop the skills to overcome them. Whether it’s learning a new technique or mastering a range of techniques for the next coloured belt on the path to the coveted black belt, the student, adult or child,  learns to relish the challenge, solve the problem, and enjoy the personal growth success brings. During this process qualities such as perseverance, tenacity, and resilience are discovered and strengthened.

The student learns that from failure comes self-development. They gain insights into their weaknesses, strengths, and thought processes. Limitations are experienced and pushed through leading to an expansion of capabilities.

Challenges in life outside of Taekwondo training are met and overcome in the same way. Problems at work for men and women, examinations in education for kids and difficult relationships, are no longer avoided or feared, they are faced with confidence, solutions are found, and the student becomes a stronger person for the experience.

Imagine all the times perseverance, tenacity, and resilience would have helped you in the past, and how it can benefit you in the future. When those qualities become part of your personality and you live with an “ I Can Do This” mindset, and a new future opens up.

Achieving goals through small improvements

Pacific International Taekwondo sparring
Taekwondo training, Junior grade teen and adult students, practicing sparring

To progress from one coloured belt to the next in Taekwondo is a big step, there are new moves and techniques to practice, learn, understand, and perform with confidence. It’s not easy, but thousands of students who were once complete beginners have succeeded. The key to achieving this success is the technique of breaking down big goals into small objectives and improving by small regular amounts. 

In a short time, this valuable self-development technique becomes second nature. The student starts to use it to achieve goals in all parts of their life: their career, education, and hobbies and pastimes. Perhaps this why Taekwondo practitioners become all round successful people. They instinctively know how to set a goal and achieve it through setting smaller objectives, just as they have learned to do from their teachers of this traditional martial art.

There are times when progress in Taekwondo feels slow. A particular part of the syllabus is challenging and difficult, just as happens in other areas of life. Through Taekwondo training the student knows that progress, no matter how small, will lead to achieving the goal. Each step forward along the path of the journey gets them closer to the goal. They know that even a 1% daily improvement is progress and it soon mounts up.

Hard work achieves worthwhile results

We live in times where many people seek instant gratification. We are surrounded by examples of get rich quick schemes, talent shows that can lead to instant fame, and short-cuts to riches. The numbers of people achieving success in this way is minimal. Many short-cuts are scams, even if a small success is gained the results can’t be replicated. There is no substitute for hard work focused on the right actions to achieve goals.

Taekwondo is a perfect example of honest effort being the only way to build solid progress that can be repeated.

Whatever benefits you want to gain from training in Taekwondo: self defence skills, confidence, weight loss, physical development, you will learn that hard work is the only way to gain lasting results. Hard work is the only way to achieve success that can be replicated and that you can rely on time and time again. If you want hard work and applied effort to become a habit, you should consider a trial lesson in Taekwondo.

Cooperation not competition leads to humility that is admired

Unlike many modern martial arts, traditional Taekwondo is not a sport. We don’t hold competitions and there is focus on working with each other to move forward. The emphasis is on cooperation not competition, which leads to humility that is admired by others.

There are no celebrations for beating other students, bragging about winning, or arrogance and showing off. There is teamwork, cooperation and help from students who become friends. Rather than compete against each other, the real competition is with yourself. The challenge is to be better today than we were yesterday, and we help others to do the same.

Taekwondo training Brisbane
Pacific International Taekwondo – Grandmaster Dicks with Snr Insts and Instructors

This is the traditional method of learning martial arts. It promotes self-discovery and creates change as weaknesses are found and strengths developed. Students learn that progress is quicker and more meaningful when they cooperate.

Traditional martial arts training is not a solitary experience, just as in life, goals are achieved quicker and more effectively by giving and receiving help. Through this approach students of traditional martial arts gain humility that is seen and admired by everyone they meet.

You can gain the above attributes and discover more about yourself through traditional Taekwondo training.

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