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Taekwondo Training to become a Junior Black Belt – What Every Parent Should Know

Think of all the ways your child would benefit throughout their life if you gave them the opportunity to develop a mind-set for achieving success.

What if they got into the habit of attaining big objectives from a young age by working to reach smaller goals?

Look forward and see what a positive impact it would have on their all-round development if they were stretched, both physically and mentally, to overcome challenges.

The experience of training to be a Junior Black Belt in Taekwondo gives kids a set of life-skills that will benefit their future lifestyle and happiness. The path from complete beginner to Junior Black Belt is challenging, achievable by any child, and offers fun, new friends, exercise, and a real sense of achievement while gaining a mind-set for accomplishing goals.

Taekwondo Junior Black Belt Training

You may think, as many parents do before they bring their kids to a training session, that learning a martial art is simply a matter of copying an instructor as they demonstrate a technique. Watch your child in their first training session and you’ll see that traditional Taekwondo training is about so much more.

The process, from the very first session, is not only about learning physical martial arts techniques, but also developing the mind-set that leads to becoming a Junior Black Belt.

There are times when quiet attention is required. The skill of active listening and the ability to follow instructions are acquired. Focus of mind is developed as the techniques and the process of learning becomes more complex as the student progresses.

Parents often say they have seen their children grow and develop on the journey from beginner to Junior Black Belt. The journey starts with you as a parent bringing them to their first lesson.

Physical Development and Mind and Body Coordination

Combining physical exercise with learning new Taekwondo techniques, while working with a partner, leads to healthy physical development and improved mind-body coordination. What they learn and process mentally the children put into action.

The sometimes clumsy and uncoordinated child starts to control their body and moves and acts with purpose. Working with a partner, not competing, promotes hand-eye coordination, which is vital for safety, sports, and many activities.

The Development of Aptitudes and Attitudes Through Taekwondo Training for Kids

Many character-building traits are seen to flourish as children learning Taekwondo face challenges and overcome obstacles. Each child has existing attributes, some are strong while other talents are hidden, underused, or not accessed.

Taekwondo training for kids will teach them to control and direct their strengths and strengthen the weaker or unused parts of their psychological make-up. The result is a mentally stronger and fully rounded young individual.

The effects of Taekwondo training on children can be seen permeating through all aspects of their life and contributing to their future well-being and happiness.

All Kids Can Do It and All Kids Can Benefit

Whether you consider your child to be academically inclined or more of a physical athlete, they will face the challenges on the journey from beginner to Junior Black Belt and benefit from the lessons they learn while overcoming them.

They will experience just the right amount of testing to encourage growth and development that will be seen in everything they do.

Strong minded, sometimes difficult children will harness their strengths. Shy introverts gain confidence. Excitable kids learn patience, and the absent-minded start to focus. Taekwondo for children can also accelerate self-awareness leading to changes in negative attitudes and uncontrolled emotions.

Think of all the ways your child would benefit throughout their life if you gave them the opportunity to learn traditional Taekwondo. Give them the opportunity by bringing them to their first training session and watch the difference it makes. 


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